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Batman and Sons

Welcome back for your weekly installment of The Black Cat’s Batman and Sons! today we start a 64-page ongoing saga called “Rivalry.” We’ll post a few pages each! Enjoy!


Holiday Photo of the Day

Happy Holidays from the Cupcake Rogues and all of your favorite Comic Book characters 🙂


How It Should Have Ended: Comic Book Movies has some hilarious takes on how Superman, Spider-Man 3, and Iron Man should’ve ended. Enjoy! And thanks to Tim Reilly for the find!


Nerd Fight: Battle #34

It’s that time again. To reiterate, every Friday the Cupcake Rogues will randomly pick 2 characters to do battle – whether it be Marvel, DC, female, male, mutant, human, or human that pretends to be a mutant with magic (I’m looking at you, Juggernaut), they are all possible. Once we’ve randomly selected our two, they will go head to head in several categories with one being deemed winner. The winner will live on to fight another day, but a warning – with 200 possible characters, it may be awhile before round 2 🙂

Thirty-fourth week in the random selection:

Superman vs. Sinister

  Superman   Sinister
Origin Like you don’t already know this…Baby Kal-El was born on Krypton, a dying planet in a galaxy far, far away.  When his father Jor-El (a highly regarded scientist) discovered his planet was doomed, he and his wife Lara placed their infant son in a space ship and sent it on its merry way to Earth. The Alien baby was discovered by John and Martha Kent. The Kents decided to adopt him and named him Clark. Clark would discover that he had amazing powers and felt it his duty to help others.   Nathaniel Essex has two versions of his origin. The first is that he appeared to be an 11-year old boy in an orphanage with Scott Summers. In actuality, his mind was roughly 50 years old, and he ran the orphanage. Essex’s lifespan is said to be roughly a thousand years by creators, therefore his appearance did not match his mind. The second origin is that he was a scientist from the 19th century obsessed with evolution who made a pact with Apocalypse to become virtually immortal. Origin differences aside, later he shows up as leader of the Marauders during the mutant massacre. It’s revealed that Sinister has been manipulating Cyclops’ life since early childhood and has even cloned Jean Grey in order to get Cyclops to produce a child with her. From then on, Sinister is a constant in the X-Men’s lives, particularly with members Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Gambit.
Edge? Superman – It’s simple yet powerful.  Sinister’s, while interesting is convoluted at best.
Powers/ Abilities Superman’s powers are derived from the yellow Sun of this solar system. Because of it he has super strength, endurance, longevity, durability, hearing, sight, breath and laser eyes! While Superman is pretty much indestructible, he does have a few weaknesses. He cannot see through lead and he is vulnerable to magical attacks. His one true weakness though is Kryptonite – the radioactive remnants of his home world that followed him to Earth. Exposure to the green stuff weakens him and makes him sick, prolonged exposure is lethal.   Essex has a genius level intellect, especially when it comes to genetics, biology, and cloning. On top of that, he has superhuman strength, durability and longevity, telepathy, telekinesis, and molecular manipulation, which allows him to heal himself and shape shift.
Edge? Superman – This might be a real throw down, if Sinister could strike Supes telepathically he might stand a chance, but most likely, Essex would just be too distracted at the thought of what he could do with Kryptonian DNA, giving Supes the opportunity to pound him into oblivion.
Love Interest Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, Lyla Lerrol  – none of these chicks has gotten to the Man of Steel quite like Lois Lane. They’ve been co-workers, rivals, friends, lovers and husband and wife.   Sinister biggest love is, and always will be, mutant DNA! Genetics is a jealous b*tch that doesn’t let him give his time to a woman. Plus the whole Dracula look only works for those silly Twi-tards.
Edge? Superman – A strand of DNA isn’t going to keep you warm at night…Freak.
Costume Though he’s been given a black and silver costume as well as a blue or red costume with a lightning bolt motif, Superman always goes back to the red, yellow and blue costume. Maybe it’s because he likes to wear his underwear on the outside, maybe it’s because he’s a great big mama’s boy (Martha made the original suit!) or maybe it’s because his fans will picket DC headquarters if they try to change his iconic look again. Whatever the reason (it’s the third one) it works for him.   Dracula-chic. Sinister has chalky white skin with jet-black hair, red eyes, and a red diamond on his forehead. He wears an inexplicably evil-looking costume with a ridiculous shredded cape that he, for some reason, thought would look most fearsome in a purpley, bluish black color, depending on who’s drawing him.  In other words, his costume is awesome.
Edge? Superman – How many little kids are clamoring for Mr. Sinister costumes for Halloween? We rest our case.
Most Entertaining Personality People like to dismiss Superman as a Big Blue Boy Scout, and frankly, he can be a little rigid. But if you were the super hero everyone else was measured against, you’d probably feel the pressure to be a goody two shoes too.


  Sinister is one of those ridiculous villains that has his hand in everything and likes to explain, at length, how genius his evil plan was while the hero thinks of a way to escape. Science smarts, yes. Street smarts, not so much.
Edge? Sinister – Evil, maniacal genius = more entertaining dinner guest than a boy scout.
Best story arch In War of the Supermen, Superman and the rest of Earth’s heroes go up against a crazed General Zod (is there any other kind?) Zod has declared war on Earth when he discovers that General Lane and Lex Luthor assisted Brainiac’s assault on New Krypton. While Zod’s super powered troops are on a rampage on Earth, Reactron is on New Krypton and succeeds in blowing it to pieces. Supergirl, who barely escapes with her life is bent on revenge, but is calmed down by Superman who convinces her that they have to stop both sides or they’ll destroy each other. Back on Earth, Lex Luthor launches a missle into space and creates a red sun, effectively nullifying all the Kryptonians powers, including Superman and Supergirl’s until Flamebird turns the sun yellow again. Eventually both groups are defeated; General Lane commits suicide rather than answer for his crimes against humanity and Zod is sent back to the Phantom Zone by his own son.


  During the Messiah Complex, while Rogue’s powers had been upped to an instant death touch, Mystique pushed Sinister’s face against Rogue’s, killing him instantly. Once he died, his Cronus Machine activated his genetic code that he had implanted decades ago into 5 mutants – Cain Marko (Juggernaut), Amanda Mueller (Black Womb), Sebastian Shaw, Carter Ryking (Hazard), and Charles Xavier. Every 24 hours the genetic code hopped from one of the 5 mutants to the next, trying to gain control of a weakened body. Sinister was finally reborn through Xavier when Charles was shot by one of Mueller’s mercenaries. Sebastian Shaw and Gambit joined forces to destroy the Cronus Machine and eventually Charles is able to regain control of his mind, driving Sinister out. But, of course, we know that Sinister always has a back up plan… enter: Miss Sinister (see WTF moment).
Edge? R2 – DRAW –  This is tough. On one hand Sinister’s is original, and on the other, Superman’s is pretty grand scale. I’m not choosing between them and you can’t make me.   R1 – Sinister – I know, surprising, right? Well, although Supes’ story is bigger, we’ve heard the “world was almost destroyed” many times before. Sinister pulls off an original storyline that showcases his evil genius.
Hotness The Last Son of Krypton is a black haired, blue eyed hottie. The farm-boy muscles and charm don’t hurt either.   Well, for some stupid reason vampire-looking creatures are totally “in” right now, so I’m sure SOMEBODY might throw his crazy, pale ass a lay.
Edge? Superman – Anyone for a pity-lay? Anyone? Crickets…
Fiercest foe Lex Luthor! Lex was originally your run-of-the-mill evil scientist bent on ruling the world. But he’s tried his hand at everything from criminal mastermind, to corporate billionaire, to president of the United States. Lex and Superman go together like Batman and the Joker, or Professor X and Magneto.   The X-Men are his greatest foe and his greatest asset, specifically Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and Remy LeBeau. Sinister has created a clone of Jean Grey to breed with Scott Summers and create a child to kill Apocalypse. In X-Men: The End storyline, it was revealed that Gambit is actually a clone made up of Sinister and Cyclops’ genetic make up. Although these people are usually the ones trying to stop him, they also provide him with the excellent genes he’s obsessed with.
Edge? Superman – Lu-THOR is the peanut butter to Supes’ jelly. Sinister is only as committed as your DNA is impressive.
Biggest WTF Moment Oh there are so many…From Krypto the Super Dog to the many different colors of Kryptonite (Pink makes Supes gay!) to the red underwear on the OUTSIDE of his clothes to the overabundance of LL names. You can take your pick.   Like our beloved Thor, Sinister was turned into a female version of himself, Miss Sinister.  Or, more accurately, Mister Sinister created a daughter that upon Sinister’s death would awaken and transform into a new Mister Sinister.
Edge? Superman – PINK KRYPTONITE…Game, set, match.
Person who should attempt an on-screen portrayal There have been several men who’ve been in Superman’s tights, (unintentional double entendre!) but no one has bested Christopher Reeves performance in the Superman movies. He truly got that Superman was the real identity while Clark Kent was the disguise. While the movies themselves were a product of their time, Reeves Superman was spot on, and everything you could want the Man of Steel to be.   RALPH FIENNES and no one else. Have you seen Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort? As Hades in Clash of the Titans? Yes, Ralph Fiennes IS Mister Sinister.
Edge? R2 – Superman – While I believe Fiennes was born to play Sinister, Hollywood has yet to see the light.   R1 – DRAW – While Christopher Reeves IS Superman, I can’t deny the epicness of Ralph Fiennes as a baddie.

Superman: 10

Sinister:  4

And the winner is….  Superman! Duh, Sinister would kill even some of his favorite X-Men to get his hands on some Supes DNA.




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Justice League by Caio Cacau.


Photo of the Day

Justice League by Brian Murray.


Director Update: Superman Reboot

Zack Snyder (Director of 300, Watchmen), has been announced as the director for the Christopher Nolan-produced Superman reboot… Thoughts?


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The Justice League by Ed Benes.


Superman Meets Batman Spoof

These are from and are hilarious. Enjoy!



Photo of the Day

Today is our 100th Photo of the Day so we thought we’d celebrate by bringing up a life-long debate that R1 and R2 have had and the reason why there is one possible matching for the Battles we do that we will ignore if ever picked. This Battle is Superman vs. Batman. R1 and R2 will refrain from comment, lest we get into another 3 hour back and forth, but for our special day, we present to you:

R1’s outcome (however R1 would like to comment that Batman is 10,000 times cooler than Superman, but that’s not the point here) by Jim Lee:

R2’s outcome (The point is that two people with differing opinions can co-exist peacefully…Or beat the snot out of each other) by Edgar Tadeo:

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