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Photo of the Day

Valiant effort, Spidey. By Christian Nauck.


The Avengers Movie: Possible Villains?

There are rumblings on and a few other sites that the villains in the Avengers movie may be the Skrulls, rather than Loki, which would have followed the comic story line of the original Avengers. The Kree may also be present in the film. What do you all think of the possibility of the Skrulls being the main antagonists for the Avengers movie?

P.S. on a sadder note, apparently Marvel has no intention of buying back the rights to Wolverine, Spider-man, or the Fantastic Four (yeah, we only care about Wolvie and Spidey). They plan to just pretend they don’t exist and wait until Fox or Sony grows tired of the characters. Yeah, that’ll happen.



Reboot is a Dirty, Dirty Word!

The reboot being posed for Spiderman by Sony is leaving fans with a lot of questions. Chief among them being WHY!?!?  But the question that keeps me up at night is, what are they going to do about J. Jonah Jameson? I don’t know about you, but my face lit up every time J.K. Simmons appeared on screen. This man was born to play JJ. He was a caustic, abrasive ass, everything you could possibly want in a boss…Ok, maybe not but you’re picking up what I’m laying down… Now some might say that since this reboot takes place while Peter’s in school that we may not see Jameson anyway. RUBBISH! Yes, you can make a Spiderman movie without JJ, but that’s like making beer without alcohol. Just because it can be done doesn’t mean it should. So readers (all 3 of you) what about you? Who would you hate to see go if your fav comic book movie got a reboot?

Below are some clips of the magnificent J.K. Simmons in all his Jameson glory!

Abrasively Yours,

Rogue 2


Comic Movie Review: Movies I won’t be wasting your time with

For the sake of your time and mine, I won’t be reviewing the following movies:

  • Spiderman 3 – one word: guyliner
  • Catwoman – I love Halle as much as the next but…. what were you thinking?
  • Incredible Hulk (the first one) – do I even have to say anything?
  • The Punisher – I won’t punish you.

Movies that are bad but I still might torture you (and myself) with by reviewing:

  • Batman & Robin (Bat-nipples?)
  • Ghost Rider
  • Daredevil
  • Elektra
  • X-men: The Last Stand
  • The Incredible Hulk (the second one)
  • Fantastic Four(s)

Photo of the Day

Courtesy of J. Scott Campbell’s Facebook page.

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