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Nerd Fight: Battle #30

It’s that time again. To reiterate, every Friday the Cupcake Rogues will randomly pick 2 characters to do battle – whether it be Marvel, DC, female, male, mutant, human, or human that pretends to be a mutant with magic (I’m looking at you, Juggernaut), they are all possible. Once we’ve randomly selected our two, they will go head to head in several categories with one being deemed winner. The winner will live on to fight another day, but a warning – with 200 possible characters, it may be awhile before round 2 🙂

Thirtieth week in the random selection:

Sage vs. Rogue (FINALLY cries R1)

  Sage   Rogue
Origin Tessa Hartley grew up in an undisclosed war-torn country in Europe. She learned to use firearms and weaponry at a young age.  Later while living in Afghanistan, she felt herself compelled to explore a cave that was considered haunted. Instead she found Charles Xavier trapped under some rocks. After Tessa rescued Charles, he invited her to become one of his X-Men. This was thought to be around the same time Xavier discovered Hank McCoy, although it’s been suggested that Tessa is the first mutant Xavier recruited. Tessa accepted but instead of joining the first class, she became Charles spy in the Hellfire Club – becoming the personal assistant to the newly minted Black King – Sebastian Shaw.   Anna Marie was born to Owen and Priscilla in a hippie commune in Caldecott County, Mississippi. When the commune’s failed attempt at a Native American mystic ceremony to reach the ‘Far Banks’ resulted in Priscilla’s disappearance, Anna Marie was taken in by her Aunt Carrie, a stern disciplinarian. She became rebellious in her teen years and ran away, adopting the nick name “Rogue.” She was later taken in my Mystique after Destiny advises her to do so. When Rogue grew close to a boy named Cody, she kissed him, at which point her mutant power emerged. She absorbed his life force and left Cody in a permanent coma. Mystique used this power to her advantage by bringing Rogue into the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to absorb enemies, including Ms. Marvel, who fought Rogue so long that she absorbed her powers permanently and put Carol in a coma, to which Rogue still feels guilt over to this day. Over time, the psyches Rogue had in her head, Carol in particular, began to drive her mad and fight for control. In desperation Rogue sought out the help of Charles Xavier and the X-Men.
Edge? Rogue –Sage’s “original X-Man” bit seems like a plot device and it pales in comparison to Rogues twisted origin.
Powers/ Abilities Tessa is a low level telepath with a computer-like brain. She is able to store massive amounts of information and has a photographic memory. Tessa usually uses a pair of VR glasses that help her interface with all kinds of technology.  Another gift of Tessa’s is the ability to “un-lock” mutant powers, advancing them or jumpstarting latent abilities.   Rogue’s original mutant powers is the ability to absorb the psyche, memories, and abilities of another person through skin on skin contact. The length of time she holds on directly effects the length of time she’ll have those powers, but the psyches never leave entirely.  The length of time is also related to how out of it the victim will be, from dizzy to dead. In her early years, Rogue was unable to turn off her powers, thus making human contact impossible.

After absorbing Ms. Marvel, Rogue had superhuman strength and the ability to fly for a long time. She was also invincible with a “seventh sense,” and resistant to psychic probes.

In her X-Treme X-Men era, Rogue absorbed a Skrull named Z’Cann and began having manifestations of previous powers she’d absorbed. Later, Sage reboots her powers. At this point, she has control and is able to recall and manifest any ability she’s ever absorbed on command, becoming a one woman army.

At one point, when Sunfire lost his legs, he asks her to put him out of his memory by absorbing him. For about a year she has the powers of projecting intense heat and flame, enveloping her body in a fiery aura, flying, and immunity to heat and fire.

Currently, Rogue is back to her original power with one big change – she can control it. While she’s still mastering it, she can now borrow powers or just touch someone with no effects.


Edge? Rogue – She’ll just borrow Sage’s powers and use them herself if she wants to do that stuff. Pshh.
Love Interest Technology? Facts? Does it really matter, you’ve seen who she’s up against, right?   Do I even need to say it? Through the creepy old guys and clones of creepy old guys, one love has always found his way back into Rogue’s heart – everyone’s favorite Cajun thief, Remy LeBeau. Rogue and Remy are one of Marvel’s most long-standing couples, even though they’ve been off-and-on a lot over the years. In fact, the couple is still “taking time to think” today as all of us Romy fans count down the issues until they reconnect.
Edge? Rogue – We have an unhealthy attraction to Gambit. Hey, can you blame us?
Costume Leather, lots of leather.   Rogue has had various costumes through the years, but her 3 most popular have been the 90s yellow and green jumpsuit with brown bomber jacket, her green and white-trimmed outfit and cloak, and her most recent green and white dress with leggings and unnecessary scarf costume. But no matter what she wears, she has her legendary white streak and gloves.
Edge? Rogue – although she’s had a few misses, she’s also had a lot of hits.
Most Entertaining Personality Frankly, Sage seems rather bland. It’s only when she decides to fake a second personality which then becomes a real second personality that she gets a little more interesting.   Although her power freak-outs and inability to touch sometimes make Rogue a bit testy, it’s all easily written off as Southern Sass, which she has in spades. And not to mention a good saying when you need one a la “you look about as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs,” “she’s out colder than leftover hushpuppies,” and “Daddy always said two’s company and three’s an eavesdropper.”
Edge? Rogue – How can you not love ridiculous sayings like that? She is the reigning queen of multiple personalities, Sage needs to go back and play in the sandbox.
Best story arch While a part of the New Exiles, Sage acquires both a second personality (Diana Fox) and infinite knowledge of the Multiverse from the dying Roma. Fearing she’ll go mad, she fights the overwhelming knowledge and the second personality on a daily basis. When the Multiverse begins to collapse threatening all life, Sage joins with Cat (alternate Shadowcat) to help save it. Unfortunately, this diverts her focus from her inner demons and the Diana Fox persona breaks loose looking for a fight. While Sage and Diana confront each other, they are both attacked by the thought-to-be-dead Merlyn. Merlyn initially attempts to kill Sage, but Diana, knowing Sage is the only one who can save the Multiverse sacrifices herself instead. Sage is then able to join with the Crystal Palace, an act that stabilizes the Multiverse. Sage’s essence has been absorbed by the Crystal Palace and her body lies comatose. She’s become the living computer of the Crystal Palace.   When Rogue first came to Xavier for help and to join the X-Men, the team of X-Men were completely against it. They went so far as to threaten to disband if Charles let her on their team. They saw her as a mole from the Brotherhood, and it was only at Charles’ plea that all mutants deserve a chance at redemption that they didn’t quit, though they continued to give her a chilly reception. The team went to Japan for Wolverine’s marriage and when someone attempted to poison them, Rogue and Wolverine went after the culprit, much to Wolverine’s objections at teaming up with her. They traced the plot back to Viper and Silver Samurai and fought them. Rogue nearly died during the battle by shielding Mariko from Viper’s blast. After the battle, Wolverine was so grateful that, against Rogue’s objections, he kissed her to transfer his healing powers to her. Shortly after, she gained the full trust of the rest of the team by again risking her life to save teammate Colossus, who had be superheated by Pyro and then rapidly cooled. Rogue absorbed his power, leaving her in a rigid, melted form so that the Morlock Healer could fix the damage done to Piotr.
Edge? Sage – She saved every known universe. Rogue had to nearly get herself killed to get a little respect. TWICE!
Hotness Sage’s ethnic origins are unknown, but she’s your typical hot comic chick. Black hair, blue eyes and a sweet pair of…breasts. Ha! You thought I was going to say glasses, didn’t you?   Rogue would be hot on a normal scale, but with the added years of being an untouchable sex pot that likes flirt, her hotness skyrocketed amongst Cajuns, creepy old guys, and comic book nerds alike.
Edge? Rogue – Everybody wants want they can’t have.
Fiercest foe Elias Bogan and perhaps Sebastian Shaw– Bogan, a very wealthy member of the Hellfire Club, was tricked into a poker match with Sebastian Shaw.  Bogan had never lost a poker match and bet his entire fortune against Sebastian, who wagered ownership of Emma. (What a prince!) Unsurprisingly, Sebastian cheated by using Tessa’s analytical skills. Naturally, Bogan is pissed and would later capture and dominate Tessa’s mind, causing permanent scars under her eyes. He offered Tessa back to Shaw at the price of his entire fortune. Shaw declined. Luckily, Sage was rescued by Storm and joined the X-Men. To insure she was never mentally controlled again, she “shut off” her telepathic powers.   Her powers. For years Rogue fought through the desperation of not being able to touch. It caused her problems in her relationships as well as overall depression. After over 25 years of Rogue being unable to have human contact, she gained control over her powers in X-Men: Legacy – Salvage (and of course first thing she did was make out with Gambit, obvi). PS golf claps to Mystique for coming in at a very close second for being the world’s most meddling mother.
Edge? Rogue – Being cut off from all human contact would be a horrible sentence for anyone, but especially during the horny teenager years.
Biggest WTF Moment Beast is critically injured while searching for Destiny’s Diaries and to save him, Sage furthers his mutation. Thus we have Sage to thank for Cat-Beast.   Rogue has 2 WTF moments – 1. Her brief romance with Magneto. Hello, daddy issues. And 2. That awful slicked back hairstyle she was rocking in her early days – talk about a skunkhead.
Edge? Sage – We HATE Cat-Beast. Thanks a lot, bitch!
Person who should attempt an on-screen portrayal Carrie-Ann Moss has already played a smart brunette in sunglasses and leather. Done and done.   Anna Paquin. Although I don’t think Anna is a bad actress, she was definitely not the right choice for our Southern Spitfire. In fact, her on-screen performance portrayed Rogue was weak and sad and frankly, kind of depressing.
Edge? Sage – As much as we love Rogue, Anna Paquin is as bland as a pair of khaki pants.


Sage: 3

Rogue: 7

And the winner is….  Rogue!!! Come on… had you any doubt? We’re not the Cupcake Sages.

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