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Photo of the Day

Current Uncanny X-Force… I don’t have the artist name but it looks like it’s gotta be Greg Land. Let me know if it’s not!


Photo of the Day

Psylocke by Mark Brooks. She looks cold.


Photo of the Day

In honor of my X-Men themed party tonight – X-chicks by Terry Dodson.


Photo of the Day

Psylocke by Alex Garner


Photo of the Day

I just find this hilarious – from Uncanny X-men #504 – a scene where Emma goes into Scott’s head… only to see all the women he’s lusted after over the years. I believe this is by Terry Dodson. Good show, Cyclops, ya big tool!



Nerd Fight – Battle #9

It’s that time again. To reiterate, every Friday the Cupcake Rogues will randomly pick 2 characters to do battle – whether it be Marvel, DC, female, male, mutant, human, or human that pretends to be a mutant with magic (I’m looking at you, Juggernaut), they are all possible. Once we’ve randomly selected our two, they will go head to head in several categories with one being deemed winner. The winner will live on to fight another day, but a warning – with 200 possible characters, it may be awhile before round 2 🙂

Ninth week in the random selection:

Morgaine Le Fey vs Psylocke

Morgaine Le Fey Psylocke
Origin Morgaine was one of three sisters born to the  “Elder Folk” or descendents of Atlantis. During 6th century England, she attempted to seduce Uther Pendragon, King of Britain. However, Uther was in love with Igraine, the wife of one of his Dukes. Angered by Uther’s disinterest, she disguises herself as one of Igraine’s daughters to further meddle in their lives. When Uther kills her adopted father the Duke, she blames Uther and Igraine’s son Arthur. Psylocke’s life (and her brother’s) was secretly manipulated by Merlyn. Her parents appeared to have died in a lab accident, but in reality they were murdered by the computer MasterMind. Later, the twin sister of the then-more-popular Captain Britain established her career as a charter pilot. One day, Doctor Synne started a psychic attack on Betsy, causing her to try and kill her brothers. After this episode, Betsy began to develop precognitive powers.
Edge? R2 – gotta love the good-ol’ woman scorned angle. R1 – I just feel bad for these characters that have someone manipulating events in their life since birth.
Powers Morgaine is a Homo Magi and a master of the Dark Arts. Her control is strong enough that she has manipulated some of the strongest of supernatural beings. After Merlin destroyed her natural immortality she discovered she could absorb the youth of others to stay alive. Originally Betsy had the power of telepathy only – she could read and project thoughts over long distances, control minds, and generate psi-bolts that could stun, injure or kill others. Later, to keep the Shadow King imprisoned in the Astral Plane, Psylocke sacrificed her telepathy and gained Phoenix’s telekinesis instead. With this she’d manifest a telekinetic katana blade as her weapon. After her resurrection Marvel Girl claims that even she can’t match Betsy’s powers. Her telepathy eventually returns. Psylocke is also immune to mental attacks, mind-reading, psionic attacks, and mutants with reality-altering powers (take THAT, Scarlet Witch!).
Edge? DRAW – manipulating the strongest supernatural beings or being a more powerful telekinetic than the Phoenix? Either way, I’d duck if I were you.
Love interest Morgaine has had many lovers over her long life, but two really stand out. Her half brother Arthur who fathered her delightful son Mordred and Jason Blood the nobleman who helped her take down Camelot. Jason would be bound to the demon Etrigan and would battle Morgaine for centuries. Psylocke first fell in love with fellow agent Tom Lennox who died trying to save her. She was psychically linked with him at the time, which traumatized her. When she moved to Kwannon’s body, she manipulated Cyclops into being attracted to her, but this was do to Kwannon’s remaining personality traits, not her own feelings. She later had substantial relationships with Archangel and then Neal Shaara until her death. After her resurrection she joined the Exiles and eventually hooked up with Sabretooth…. Wait, what? You lost me, Psylocke.
Edge? Psylocke – we at Cupcake Rogues don’t promote incest if it can be helped. And, it can always be helped.
Costume Golden armor covering her entire body, including her face. Everyone knows Psylocke’s famous purple costume, mainly because she always has her ass hanging out of it… and it matched her purple-ish hair, of course.
Edge? Psylocke – butt cheeks FTW.
Most off-putting personality Disloyalty – After convincing her lover Jason Blood to help her in her attack on Camelot she rewarded him with a kiss. A poisoned kiss. Psylocke doesn’t have a whole lot of personality. She’s tough and no-nonsense, but other than a few times where outside forces have changed her (i.e. when her soul was split, or in Crimson Dawn where she gained a cold edge after being gutted by Sabretooth), she’s a pretty flat character.
Edge? Morgaine Le Fey – Boring personality<Psychotic personality.
Best story arch In a bid to take over the position of the world and the symbolic positions of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, Morgaine teams up with Enigma and Despero. Through Morgaine’s enchantment, they are able to create a new timeline, one where the 3 superheroes are banished and her evil trio reigns supreme.  She manages to take control of Europe and most of Asia before Bats, Supes and WW (sporting some new divine powers of their own) take her down. Morgaine decides that if she can’t rule the Earth, she’ll destroy it and tried to coerce Krona into helping her by offering the soul of Enigma’s daughter. After her defeat, she’s placed in a stone idol and kept on Jason Bloods mantel. When Psylocke put everyone through the Siege Perilous, saving their lives, but giving them all new ones, she appeared on an island near China. There, the leader of the Hand had Spiral swap her soul with his brain dead lover, Kwannon. This inadvertently blended their minds, leaving each with the same memories and telepathic powers. They both claimed to be the real Psylocke and both stayed with the X-men for what can only be described as awkward Sunday dinners. Kwannon’s body-Psylocke then took the name Revanche and was later killed by the Legacy Virus. Once she was killed, the missing piece of Betsy’s soul was regained and all was well again.
Edge? Morgaine – you’re a bad bitch when it takes Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to take you down!
Hotness After losing her immortality she withered into a haggard old woman, hence she keeps her body encased in magical golden armor. Both of her bodies are 5’11”, 155 lbs, and constantly sporting a wedgie with her butt to the camera. I haven’t heard any men complaining.
Edge? Psylocke – We’ve all seen the Mummy so you can guess what’s underneath Morgaine’s armor. ..Hint: It’s not tight butt cheeks.
Fiercest foe Between removing her immortality, creating Etrigan to constantly foil her plans and generally being a pain in her golden ass even from the grave, this honor goes to that crafty geriatric, Merlin. She’s had several, including Merlyn, who’s manipulated her life from the beginning, MaterMind, who killed her parents, and her own other version of herself. But as her fiercest foe, we must count the man who killed her, the “Homo Sapiens Superior” himself, Vargas.
Edge? R2 – How would you like getting owned by an old man in a pointy hat? R1 – I think if he kills your ass he wins fiercest foe!
Biggest WTF moment After the Huntress accidentally frees Morgaine, she goes to the local hospital ward in search of a new born baby with latent demon powers. It just so happens that Man-Bat is there with his wife. Apparently Morgaine’s presence causes several of the women to give birth to demon babies. Etrigan gets a call on his Demon-Phone and joins Man-Bat to defeat Morgaine. Betsy’s twin brother’s Earth-794 counterpart, Kaptain Briton tries to rape her, so she fries his mind and kills him… umm, gross.

This barely out WTF’s her short stint on one of Mojo’s shows. *Cringe*

Edge? R2 – Incest is disgusting, no doubt, but Morgaine caused women to spawn DEMON BABIES! She probably doesn’t get invited to a lot of baby showers. R1 – remember what we said about the non-incest supporting? Yeah, still true. WTF?
Person who should attempt an on-screen portrayal Morgaine has never been portrayed on screen, but when I think of manic British chicks I think of Helena Bonham Carter who can go from charming to ape-shit in 2 seconds flat. Technically Meiling Melancon played her in X-Men 3, but that movie doesn’t exist to us so I’m going to go with Rhona Mitra. I think she’d make a kick ass Betsy Braddock.
Edge? Morgaine – Helena Bonham Carter always wins, just ask Tim Burton.

Morgaine Le Fey: 7

Psylocke: 7

And the winner is…. OH SNAP, it’s a tie! Time for a tie breaker category: INCEST IS GROSS!

Morgaine Le Fey Psylocke
Incest is Gross Had a kid with her half brother… willingly.   Incest is best, put your brother to the test! *barfs* Her brother’s Earth-794 counterpart pretended to be her brother Brian, then tried to rape her so she fried his brain. Granted he is technically her brother’s counterpoint, but they are identical in looks and Kaptain Briton would also have a twin sister that is identical to Betsy… ummm, gross.
Edge? Psylocke – for doing the right thing and frying Kaptain Briton’s brain. I know we said Morgaine was ugly, but willingly procreating with your half brother? A little extreme.

And the winner is…. Psylocke! For not being a disgusting wench! Here, here!


Photo of the Day

Psylocke by Greg Land.


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