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X-Men: First to Last

This looks incredibly dumb to me, but I decided to post it anyway. It’s a teaser for the X-Men: First to Last bit that will be coming out in May. Obviously it’s to support the movie X-Men: First Class, but being that that train wreck only has 1 out of the 5 original First Class Members I don’t quite get how this is related. Thoughts?


Smells like… Comic Book Spirit?

Whilst shopping for candles, the Rogues came upon a “Fireside” candle. We immediately decided it smelled like Gambit. How do we know that you ask – Don’t ask, just let it happen. This led us to discuss what we think the X-Men would smell like. Below are some of our thoughts…. what do you think your favorite comic book characters would smell like?

Professor X – Mothballs and Wig Glue

Cyclops – Axe and a Fraternity House

Jean Grey – Plain-as-can-be Ivory Soap and Breck Shampoo

Wolverine – Naturally Occurring Old Spice (the man your man wants to smell like), Woods and Cigar Smoke

Storm – Outside, right before it rains

Rogue – Magnolias and Sass

Gambit – Spices, Bourbon, Cigarettes and Bad Decisions

Beast – Doggie Shampoo

Emma Frost – Better than you, that’s all you need to know, darlings

Nightcrawler – Sulfer and Brimstone

Kitty Pryde – Cucumber Melon body wash from Bath and Body Works

Jubilee – Bubblegum

Angel – Rich Mahogany and Money

Magneto – Pantene Pro-V (smell THIS, Charles)

Sabretooth – Raw Animal Hides

Toad – Flies and Stickiness

Pyro – Matches

Quicksilver – Shame and Disappointment

Scarlet Witch – PMS

Teon (one of the Five Lights) – Flea Powder and Urine

Deadpool – Gun Powder and Tacos/Chimichangas


My Worst Nightmare

R2 and I found this online the other day on a forum talking about how Fox desperately wants The werewolf kid from Twilight in X-Men. This is my worst nightmare. Unfortunately stupid Fox may be making it come true. Look at your own risk….

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Although we have nothing against Michael Rosenbaum, this scares me to my very soul.


Casting Update: X-Men: First Class

Latest reports are saying that Fox has fired Benjamin Walker, who was set to play Beast, because he’s “too old” being that their Xavier and Magneto are only 31 and 33. No sh*t, Fox. That’s why your young Xavier and Magneto should’ve been more like 40, you morons. If you want to guess that Xavier and Magneto are around 55 in the comics while the X-Men seem to be around 30 (this is a loose guess, but you know, give or take), then if you rewind 15 years your Xavier and Magneto will still be a good 20-25 years older than these teenagers. Sigh. And if you’re going with the movie consistency then Charles and Eric are 70 while the X-men are around 35! An even bigger gap – Would it kill these people to pick up a comic book? Or even re-watch their own movies? (1 and 2 of course, not that Last Stand crap). I digress, rumors are also stating that the rest of the people they’ve screen tested are not living up to Benjamin’s potential, so who knows if they’ll just end up re-hiring him. More to come.



Comic Book Cartoon DVD Review: X-Men Vol. 2

Review: Volume 2 hosts the famous Phoenix saga, and only continues the greatness from Volume 1.

Disc 1 opens with “Red Dawn,” which features Omega Red, Darkstar and the return of Colossus. Meanwhile, Xavier (with his working legs) and Magneto are trapped powerless in Savage Land, where they’ll stay for quite a few episodes. This episode also served as a reminder to me of how sweet Storm’s powers are. “Repo Man” is an episode about Wolverine’s past, featuring his old team, Alpha Flight. “X-ternally Yours” gets into the origin of Gambit and Thieves vs Assassins. We also see Remy’s ex-wife Bella Donna, and of course, we get to watch him pick Rogue over that crazy hussy. In “Time Fugitives (Part 1 & 2)” we catch up with Bishop and Cable as they try to stop a mutant plague. “A Rogue’s Tale” catches us up on Rogue’s origin, including her permanently acquiring Ms. Marvel’s powers. “Beauty and the Beast” centers around our favorite fuzzy blue mutant, Beast. We also get to see Garydon Creed’s mental breakdown this episode when Wolverine so kindly reminds him of who his daddy is (athough they do call him Graydon Creed Sr. instead of Victor Creed, but I get they were doing it to help us 10 year olds get from point A to point B on that one). “Mojovision” is a cracked out mess of an episode that I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with. Mojo and Longshot are so ridiculous and over the top corny, but it’s an entertaining trainwreck. I don’t know how else to describe it. Plus, Longshot has a glorious blonde mullet and you get to see Spiral.

Disc 2 opens with Reunion, where we get back to Magneto and the Professor under attack in Savage Land and Mr. Sinister trying to harvest Jean and Scott’s goods. We also get to see a lot of side characters in this, including the ridiculousness that is Brain Child (or Brrrrraaain Chiiiilllld as he calls himself). And, of course, we see our first on-screen Gambit/Rogue kiss *fangirl scream*. “Out of the Past” is the two-parter with Lady Deathstrike and the Alien force. Also, Gambit and Wolvie in cut-off shorts and no shirts. HA! Last on Disc 2 is the 5-parter Phoenix Saga. Do I even need to explain the epic-ness?Princess Lilandra, D’Ken, the m’kraan crystal, Erik the Red, the StarJammers, Banshee’s hideous power, PHOENIX! I mean, come on! Just go watch it!

Best Episode: “The Phoenix” saga, of course. And “Reunion” was always a memorable one for me.

Episode You Can Skip: “Repo Man” – seems like a filler episode.

Fun Easter Eggs:

  • In “Repo Man,” when Jean is trying to locate the Professor on Cerebro, we see come other well known characters, such as Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch.
  • I never noticed this before – but in “Reunion” when the X-Men lose their powers and Wolverine exclaims that there’s nothing mutant about his claws, he screams out in pain when they come out. Nice attention to detail.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Jean – “Wolverine! I felt him… such pain.” Gambit – “Man been a pain from the get-go, chere.”
  • Wolverine – “If that ain’t Morph, I’ll eat the BlackBird!”
  • Gambit to Rogue – “Gambit never say dis to anyone before, but Gambit loves you.” Hahaha, so sweet… and weird.
  • Sinister to Rogue – “So beautiful, yet so strong.” Wolverine – “Well, I always did think I was kind of cute. Nice of you to mention it.”
  • Beast – “My Kingdom for a Rosetta Stone!”
  • Professor – “It was here!” Storm – “What was here, Professor?” Professor – “I don’t know!”  hahaha I  don’t know why but that part cracks me up.

-Rogue 1


    X-Men: First Class: Casting Update

    Is’s been announced that James McAvoy will be taking on the role as a young Xavier in X-Men: First Class. Personally, I think he would’ve made more sense as a young Magneto, but he is a good actor. I also worry that he seems too young. James McAvoy is 31. Unless they’re making the X-Men 13 (which would be highly annoying) they should’ve gone a little older. What do you think?


    Comic Book Cartoon DVD Review: X-Men Vol. 1

    With the growing amount of Comic Book cartoons coming out on DVD, we thought we’d let you know what’s worth picking up and what’s not. First up, X-men cartoons (90s version) – Volume 1!

    Review: Storm making grand speeches before fighting; Rogue’s “sugah” and southern sayings (“You look ’bout as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs); Gambit’s talking in third person; and Jubilee taking over the usual role of the annoying Kitty Pryde. All things I loved about the 90s cartoon. I’m sure I’m biased because this is cartoon I grew up with, but I definitely think it’s the best and most accurate cartoon adaptation to date. Wolverine is angry and harboring a love for Jean, Beast sounds like a Harvard scholar, and they’re all wearing their best uniforms.

    On Disc 1, in the premiere “Night of the Sentinels (Part 1 and 2),” the creators took quite a risk. Instead of opening with X-men’s most well-known villains such as Magneto, Apocalypse or Mr. Sinister, they opened with an episode surrounding Sentinels. The only not-so-great part about this episode, and this Volume in general is the addition of Morph. Although I don’t have anything against Morph, it seems like they kind of just stuck him in here. Of course, as you’ll see, Morph is in here considerably less than the rest of the cast. “Enter Magneto” introduces Magneto and Sabretooth with epic destruction, as they should be. “Captive Hearts” has our first Wolverine-Jean moment, as well as our introduction to Callisto and the Morlocks as Callisto tries to make Cyclops her sperm donor. And, of course, our first look at Gambit in his speedos ;). “Slave Island” introduces Moira McTaggart, Master Mold, and Cable. “The Unstoppable Juggernaut” introduces Professor X’s no good stepbrother, the Juggernaut (duh) and Colossus, as well as Rogue’s first absorbing freak out.

    Disc 2 opens with “The Cure.” In this episode we meet Angel (how he keeps those wings tucked in his jacket, I’ll never know), Mystique, Apocalypse, Pyro and Avalanche. We also get our first bit of Rogue/Gambit flirtation that will inevitably continue on for the rest of the season (yay!). In “Come The Apocalypse” we see Angel become Archangel, Apocalypse’s Horseman, Death. “Days of Future Past (Parts 1 and 2)” takes us to 2055 where Wolverine is still fighting the good fight. This is the classic episode where Bishop goes back in time to our present to alter history with the hopes of improving his present. It has a very “Terminator” feel to it. It also features Nimrod and Forge, and lets us in on the fact that Mystique was once Rogue’s foster mother. “Till Death Do Us Part” shows Cyclops’ and Jean’s first wedding that ends up being null and void. We also first see the human we love to hate, Graydon Creed, leader of the Friends of Humanity and Mr. Sinister. We also get to see the Nasty Boys with one of the best named characters in comics – Gorgeous George!  This episode gives us a taste of what in the comics would become a creepy obsession for Cyclops and Jean on Sinister’s part. The volume ends with “Whatever It Takes,” an episode about Storm’s home village and the Shadow King.

    Overall, Volume 1 is a must have in your collection! Oh and P.S. the 90s X-men opening theme IS the end-all, be-all for opening themes. Don’t let anyone tell you different! If they had it for my phone, it would be my ringtone to this day.

    Best Episode: “Night of the Sentinels” – you’ve got to see where it all begins. “Days of Future Past” is also a must-see.

    Episode You Can Skip: “Cold Vengeance” gets a little slow but it sets up “Slave Island,” which is a more interesting episode.

    Fun Easter Eggs:

    • In “Deadly Reunions,” as Professor X is in Sabretooth’s mind, see some fun special guests, such as Deadpool, Omega Red and others.
    • “Slave Island” shows mutant extras Northstar, Aurora, Sunfire and others.
    • “Days of Future Past (Part 1)” shows some kids running with a video game in their hands featuring The Punisher.
    • In “The Final Decision,” when Professor X probes Gambit’s mind, we see Ghost Rider.
    • In “Till Death Do Us Part (Part 1)” Morph says “Making copies!” a la Saturday Night Live. This has nothing to do with anything, just thought it was kind of funny 🙂
    • In “Whatever It Takes” Morph transforms into Deadpool, Omega Red, and Maverick.

    Favorite Quotes:

    • Wolverine – the ever-classic “I go where I WANNA go.”
    • Storm – “Storm, Mistress of the Elements, commands you to release that child!” Rogue – “Lighten up on the speeches, Sugah.”
    • Magneto – “I wonder how he’ll look, Charles, after so long… perhaps, a toupee?”
    • Gambit – “How do you sweat so much, petite, and not lose weight?”
    • Wolverine – “What’s the matter? Teacher’s pet got cold feet?” *Cyclops flashes his optic beams* “Anytime, pretty boy.”
    • Storm – “Gambit, the term rec room does not mean you must wreck it.” Gambit – “Even Storm makes jokes now! What next?”
    • Wolverine – “This kid’s crying… do something!”
    • Rogue to Gambit – “Don’t you ever get tired of listening to yourself?!” Gambit – “Not when I’m talking bout you, chere.”
    • Wolverine to Jubilee – “If you knew how much bubble gum I had to sniff to find you!”

    -Rogue 1


    Coulda Been So Beautiful…

    With Rogue 1’s  review of X2 finished I thought it would be fun to check out who might’ve played some of our favorite mutants.  After 15 minutes of  looking though and wikipedia much extensive research I’ve compiled a list of some of them…

    Professor Xavier – Patrick Stewart, Patrick Stewart and…Oh yes, Patrick Stewart. There’s really no getting around it. Patrick Stewart IS Charles Xavier.

    Storm – Angela Bassett, Jada Pinkett Smith and Rachel Luttrell. While I wasn’t in love with Halle Berry’s portrayal of the marvelous Mistress of the Elements, I can’t see any of these chicks doing any better. If only Iman was 20 years younger…And an actress.

    Cyclops – Owen Wilson? I’ve never seen him portray someone who isn’t a total frat boy, and if there’s one thing Scott Summers is NOT, it’s a frat boy. Edward Norton? No thanks, he’s an even bigger sissy that Scott. Jude Law? Would his visor cover his receding hair line?

    Jean Grey – Selma Blair, Renee O’Connor, Lucy Lawless and Maria Bello. Can you imagine Lucy Lawless and Owen Wilson? Lets move on…

    Rogue – Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katie Holmes, Alicia Silverstone.  Curled up in the fetal position yet?  Not a one of these broads has the sass or the look of Rogue. While we’re at it, lets get rid of Anna Paquin as well. Later Sookie!

    Gambit – Josh Holloway and Channing Tatum. This one physically hurts me because Josh Holloway is the answer to all questions.

    Wolverine – Gary Senise…Lt. Daaan! Actually, I could see that working out. Good actor, scrappy and not as hot as Hugh Jackman.  Russell Crowe…If Logan’s’ ability had to do with chucking phones  and having an ego the size of a Kardashian ass, maybe. (Ha! I just described Naomi Campbell!) Jean Claude Van Damme…I just can’t.

    Magneto – The only other name I’ve seen mentioned is Terrance Stamp, and while I adore Sir  Ian’s portrayal of Mags, I wouldn’t mind seeing how Zod would’ve handled the role…One word…KNEEL!!

    So the next time you feel the urge to whine about Hugh’s height, or Gambit’s lack of third person speak, remind yourself that you could’ve been watching Jean Claude Van Damme deliver the immortal line. I’m da best der is at waht I do…

    Gratefully yours,

    Rogue 2

    There was one more possibility for Wolverine that I couldn’t bring myself to mention…The idea filled me with a horror that words could not express. Instead I’ll let you feast your eyes on what could’ve been…

    Dude, Sabretooth is toast. Whoa!


    Comic Movie Review: X-men

    X-men. Second best movie in the series (second only to X2, of course, which in my humble opinion is the best Marvel movie to date – granted, I’m biased). First up, let’s talk casting. Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan? Ummm, sold. I dare you to think of anyone who would’ve done Professor X and Magneto better. Granted, Sir Ian is a bit frailer than one would expect of Magneto, but he totally sold me on it. Hugh Jackman for Wolverine? Sure, he’s about a foot too tall, but he was a fantastic choice. In fact, the only real problem I had as far as casting in this movie was Rogue and Storm. I think both Anna Paquin and Halle Berry are good actresses, they were just misplaced here. I will be the first to admit I probably wouldn’t think most actresses are good enough to play Rogue – as she’s my favorite of all time, but Anna seemed to play her too soft. Granted, Rogue doesn’t become the sassy bitch we all know and love until she absorbs Ms. Marvel’s powers for good, but even before she wasn’t so fragile and whiney. Rogue walks around with her guard up and her sass on until every once and awhile when she accidently steals somebody’s memory, has a freak out, and storms off. That’s just how she rolls. As far as Halle for Storm, well, I just don’t know what was happening with this accent in the first one (thank goodness they got rid of it for the rest).

    The story line of X-men is good. You don’t really get enough background on each person if you were coming in as a non-nerd, not knowing the back stories, but frankly, there is enough X-men material to give each character 10 movies, so you can’t blame Bryan Singer for not delving in too far. Singer provides a good balance of humor, action, drama, and a little bit of corniness – which as comic book readers, is what we’ve come to expect. All in all, a good start to a roller coaster movie series…

    Delightful surprises:

    • As with all of the X-men movies, the fantastic placement of mutant “extras” that we all know and love – Jubilee, Kitty Pryde (who I personally find a little annoying, but whatev), Pyro (before he became a main character).
    • Wolverine VS. Sabretooth fights are always delightful, even if they last about 5 seconds.

    Biggest disappointments:

    • No Gambit. I realize this is before Gambit would’ve shown up, but still a disappointment for us fangirls.
    • Sabretooth as the mindless minion to Magneto was not realistic – not to mention him and Mystique working right next to each other and acting like they didn’t do the nasty and create our favorite Friend of Humanity, Graydon Creed? Come on! 😉
    • And, lastly, Storm’s dialogue. I realize that crazy accent is a hard one to replicate, but would it have killed them to throw in an over-dramatic “MISTRESS OF THE ELEMENTS COMMANDS YOU TO RELEASE THAT GIRL!” while she was saving Rogue and Wolverine from Sabretooth?

    “Sabretooth? … Storm? What do they call you, wheels?”

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