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Phoenix by Daniel Vest


X-Men: Age of X

Don’t know if you’ve all been following the Age of X reveals, but today we got our full look at the cast for Age of X and I’m kind of excited! It’ll be interesting to see how this is done… it seems AU, as some of these “new” characters seem to actually be Alternate Universe versions of real characters. For example, while Gambit is listed as Gambit and Magneto is listed as Magneto, the two added today (clearly Rogue and Jean Grey/Phoenix) are being called Reaper and Revenant. The guy in the back called Basilisk looks an awful lot like Cyclops, and so on. There isn’t a whole lot of plot detail on this yet, but since it launches on January 26, 2011, we can probably expect some soon. Thoughts?



Nerd Fight: Battle#27

It’s that time again. To reiterate, every Friday the Cupcake Rogues will randomly pick 2 characters to do battle – whether it be Marvel, DC, female, male, mutant, human, or human that pretends to be a mutant with magic (I’m looking at you, Juggernaut), they are all possible. Once we’ve randomly selected our two, they will go head to head in several categories with one being deemed winner. The winner will live on to fight another day, but a warning – with 200 possible characters, it may be awhile before round 2 🙂

Twenty-seventh week in the random selection:

Amanda Waller vs. D’Ken

Amanda Waller D’Ken
Origin Amanda lived in the projects of Chicago. When her husband and children were murdered, she left Chicago and received a doctorate degree in Political Science. After some time as a congressional aide, she founded the Suicide Squad; a group of “reformed” super criminals working for the government in return for amnesty. She has also been team leader for Checkmate, The Shadow Fighters and was also President Lex Luthor’s Secretary of Metahuman Affairs. D’Ken inherited the throne to the Shi’ar Empire after his older sister, Deathbird, was exiled for killing their mother and younger sister. He quickly becomes ruthless and power-crazy. He attacks Corsair’s private plane, causing Chris and Katherine Summers to send their sons, who will eventually become Cyclops and Havok, out of the plane in one escape parachute, both thinking the others are dead. D’Ken then attempts to rape Katherine, kills her, rips the unborn baby from her womb, and raises him as a slave, sending him to serve Erik the Red. Oh and THEN his real path of destruction begins. What a sweetheart.
Edge? Amanda Waller – we can’t co-sign anyone that would send Cyclops screaming into our world.
Powers/ Abilities Amanda is a formidable team leader and is has an extremely sharp mind. While she has no superhuman powers, she fears NO ONE, and has no problem with getting in your face and telling you so. Peak human strength, agility, speed, endurance and reflexes, along with the highly advanced Shi’ar technology.
Edge? D’Ken – D’Ken will get in your face, beat you until you need Shi’ar technology to save you, and then not let you have it.
Leadership Skills While Waller has been the head of many teams, she’s never very popular. Mostly because she rules with an iron fist, but also because she has no qualms about using government sponsored groups for her own personal interests. Being the leader of an Empire makes forcing people to listen to you quite easy, so while D’Ken ruled with an iron fist, he never really had to develop any skills… unless skills count as just marking anyone that doesn’t agree with you a traitor and exiling them. He’s got mad – those – skills.
Edge? Amanda Waller – You learn skills when respect isn’t handed to you with birthright.
Costume Mostly business suits, but we like to think that in her downtime she breaks out the leather and cat-o-nine. ..No we don’t. Bright purple, pink, and green garb with a bitchin’ flip out and face paint. He’s ADORABLE.
Edge? D’Ken – work those colors *snaps*
Most Entertaining Personality Amanda is fearless, she does not care if you are Lex Luthor or Apokalips or even the Batman. If you’re in her way she will verbally knock you the F out. Shi’ar would probably kill his own mother for more power – luckily his sister took care of that for him. He’s not afraid to kill, rape or pillage if it means more power for him.
Edge? DRAW – we could watch these two be ridiculous all day.
Best story arch During the Superman/Batman storyline “K”, it is revealed that Waller has hoarded Kryptonite and used it to power an anti-Superman group called the Last Line, and a Doomsday-like creature codenamed “All-American Boy”, who has Kryptonite shards growing out of his body. All-American Boy, (aka Josh Walker) was deceived into an experiment to use Kryptonite to bond cell scrapings taken from Doomsday to a human host. He battles Superman, devastating Smallville in the process. Batman, with the help of Josh’s parents, convince him to stop. In order to keep her part in the AAB project a secret, Amanda is forced to pay for the repairs to Smallville. It’s the story you know and love, and got sick of, and then kind of like again, and then wish they’d just put it to bed already – the Phoenix. D’Ken wants to gain more power and expand his empire through using the legendary M’Kraan Crystal. Lilandra opposes him, so he names her a traitor and she flees, becoming psychically linked with Charles Xavier and reaching out to the X-Men for help. They arrive to the planet that the M’Kraan Crystal is held, called The World, and face off against D’Ken’s Imperial Guard. The Phoenix, now in it’s host body of Jean Grey, flies to the crystal to try to stop D’Ken, but instead they all get sucked into it. Inside the crystal is an endless city, with a sphere containing the Neutron Galaxy at the Crystal’s heart. Due to its intense gravity, the Neutron Galaxy could cause all of creation to be sucked into it. Normally, there is a energy field which protects the universe, but due to all of the people being sucked in, it was worn down. Meanwhile, all of those who were sucked in are rendered immobile, forced to live out their greatest nightmares in their minds. The Phoenix is the only one unaffected by the power, so she uses her psychic abilities to tap into her fellow X-Men and repair the force field. While most of those drawn into the crystal escape unharmed, D’Ken is rendered comatose for a long time due to the intensity of his nightmares. With D’Ken out of order, Lilandra became the ruler of the Shi’ar… and the Phoenix was never heard from again. HA! Yeah, right.
Edge? D’Ken – yes, we’re tired of it, but it’s one of the most popular storyarcs of all time.
Hotness Well…Amanda is a rubinesque woman of African American heritage. She is shown as being all business and rarely cracks a smile. I’m sure there’s a market for that somewhere. With that hair and that guyliner, what gal could resist? All of you? Well, alright then.
Edge? D’Ken – at least he can get you the good table at Red Lobster. I mean, he IS royalty.
Best Cartoon Moment During her first encounter with the Justice League, she manages to rattle the unflappable Batman by revealing that she knows his secret identity. (Plus, Batman makes a penis joke). The Cupcake Rogues personal favorite is the argument between Lilandra and D’Ken where D’Ken serves up what can only be the equivalent of a verbal bitch slap – “I TIRE OF YOU, SISTER!” If you don’t believe me, try it sometime. When someone is arguing with you just put up a hand in their face and scream “I TIRE OF YOU, THEIR NAME HERE.” Then, when the look at you like a wounded puppy, you can come back and thank us.
Edge? Amanda Waller – that lady’s got brass balls.
Biggest WTF Moment While in captivity on Apokalips, Amanda squares off against Granny Goodness and comes out the victor. Really? He is the reason we can’t get rid of that damned Phoenix storyline and he may be the reason that Cyclops is such a wet noodle. Thanks a lot, D’Ken, your reign of terror lives on.
Edge? Amanda Waller – yet another horrifying individual that Waller is not afraid to take on.
Person who should attempt an on-screen portrayal Amanda has been portrayed by Pam Grier in Smallville and Angela Bassett will be playing her in the new Green Lantern movie. While we’ve seen neither of these performances, we’d like to give a movie role to CCH Pounder who voices (and resembles) Waller in the Justice League cartoon. If it ain’t broke… Eric Bana a la Nero from Star Trek. He’s already got the ship!
Edge? D’Ken – what can we say? We heart the crazies.

Amanda Waller: 5

D’Ken:  6

And the winner is….  D’Ken, quoted as saying “I TIRE OF YOU, AMANDA!”

And for your viewing pleasure, here are the cartoon moments. FYI the D’Ken clip starts at around the 1:45 mark if you don’t want to watch our beloved Rogue, Gambit, and Wolvie get tossed around first.


Photo of the Day

It’s Friday so you get a two-fer! The White Queen with the Phoenix, both normal and scary Dark Phoenix. By Alvin Lee.


Photo of the Day

Wolvie doing what he does best (even if it isn’t very nice ;)) by Greg Land and Matt Ryan.


Photo of the Day

By Greg Land and Mike Ryan.



It’s about to be a nerd fight!!!! VS. Battles

Every Friday, the Cupcake Rogues will randomly pick 2 characters to do battle – whether it be Marvel, DC, female, male, mutant, human, or human that pretends to be a mutant with magic (I’m looking at you, Juggernaut), they are all possible. Once we’ve randomly selected our two, they will go head to head in several categories with one being deemed winner. The winner will live on to fight another day, but a warning – with 200 possible characters, it may be awhile before round 2 🙂

First up in the random selection:

Phoenix vs. Thor

  Phoenix   Thor
Strength Alright, well this doesn’t even seem fair to poor Thor. I mean, it’s the Phoenix for goodness sakes.   He’s a mother scrunchin’ god whose feats of strength include nearly lifting the entire World Serpent.
Edge? Phoenix – Sorry Thor, no matter how big your snake was, the Phoenix Force is omnipotent!
Powers Manipulates energy and matter on a sub-atomic level, interstellar travel, absorbs energy and amplifies it’s hosts power to incalculable levels. Whoa…   Super Strength, Prolonged life, Weather Manipulation, Berserker Rages and a kiss that can overwhelm mortal women.
Edge? Phoenix – Again with the omnipotence…Unless Thor lays a wet one on her…Nah, still Phoenix.
Intelligence According to Wiki, Phoenix possesses a high level of cosmic awareness and prescience. (Phoenix reads a lot and knows how to use   Now, Thor never seemed especially stupid, but according to Marvel’s official site, he’s not the brightest crayon in the box.
Edge? Phoenix – Cosmic awareness trumps Mr. Medium Beige
Love Interest Cyclops. Need I say more? Anytime this fragile flower lost Jean he completely broke down, then when he finally gets her, he has a mind affair with Emma Frost? She could’ve had Wolverine!!! I mean, he may not be the prettiest guy on the block, but judging by those berserker rages you know he’s hung like Seabiscuit. Sigh, chicks.   Jane Foster seems cool. She’s just a regular chick but she did take Cap’s side against the registration act and joined his resistance group. However, she lost out on immortality by failing Odin’s courage test. Plus she thought she was in a love triangle for awhile when both men were Thor…. Yeah, she’s pretty.
Edge? Thor – Ditzy or not, a sock puppet is more exciting than Scott.
Costume I like the green Phoenix costume. The gold is a little tacky, but if you’re a superhero that’s that powerful you can wear whatever the hell you want.   We’re suckers for a man in a cape, a winged helmet, and a mystical hammer named Mjolnir. Oh and it’s pronounced /mɨˈjoʊlnər/ – thanks, Wikipedia, that’s really helpful *gives wiki side eye*.
Edge? Phoenix – But only because she doesn’t have goofy headgear.
Best Story Arch The Phoenix saga was one of the highlights of the 90s cartoon – and our personal FAVORITE.   Thor manages to end the Ragnarok (destruction of the gods) cycle by eliminating the existence of Asgard. He later rebuilds Asgard…In Oklahoma.
Edge? Thor – Just kidding! The Phoenix saga changed the face of comics and the ramifications are still being felt in Marvel Universe to this day.
Hotness The Phoenix is a fine piece of Gingerness, no doubt about it. She’s managed to keep Cyclops and Wolverine interested in her for years. The Prof even had a thing for her for a while…Ha! Gross.   Thor’s a strapping lad with hair a Pantene model would envy, plus he talks like this. “Young maiden of Midgard, thy language leaves something to be desired.” You tell her, Thor.
Edge? Rogue 1 –Gingerness aside, the Phoenix is hot. However I’m deducting some points for her impending craziness. R2, the category is hotness, not attractiveness, silly.   Rogue 2 – I think we might be divided on this one. Attractiveness includes personality too and while Phoenix is a psycho, Jean is a snore. I’ll take the brawny Viking with the smooth delivery.
Fiercest foe Emma? The Shi’ar? Scott? Jean herself? Take your pick.   Loki – his own brother. Jealousy is an ugly color.
Edge? Thor – Phoenix may have more enemies, but Loki is family. Imagine the fights they get into at the big family reunions.
Biggest WTF moment The biggest WTF moment of the Phoneix saga overall is when we find out that Jean has, in fact, been at the bottom of Jamaica Bay this whole time, and that the Phoneix was not Jean after all, but a duplicate.   Thanks to Loki’s shenanigans, Thor is female in the limited edition Earth X series. Not to mention that Loki too is transformed into a chick in the Mighty Thor series. What’s with these Tranny Asgardians?
Edge? Thor – While Jean was sipping cocktails in Jamaica, Thor was learning about the wonders of menstrual cycles.
Best on-screen portrayal (if applicable) Famke Janssen did an OK job with what she was given.   Chris Hemsworth will be playing Thor. Obviously he is yet to be seen and judged but he played a good Captain George Kirk.
Edge? Thor – X3 ruined what should’ve been the most exciting version of Jean Grey.

Phoenix: 6

Thor: 5

And the winner is….

PHOENIX!!!! Sorry Thor, but at least you can return to lovely…Oklahoma? Hahahaha! Ah, we really shouldn’t kick a man when he’s down. Phoenix makes it til the next round…. until next Friday, kids!

And until then, a little something to keep you occupied. Female Thor *shudders*:

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