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Nerd Fight: Battle #37

It’s that time again. To reiterate, every Friday the Cupcake Rogues will randomly pick 2 characters to do battle – whether it be Marvel, DC, female, male, mutant, human, or human that pretends to be a mutant with magic (I’m looking at you, Juggernaut), they are all possible. Once we’ve randomly selected our two, they will go head to head in several categories with one being deemed winner. The winner will live on to fight another day, but a warning – with 200 possible characters, it may be awhile before round 2 🙂

Thirty-seventh week in the random selection:

Donna Troy vs. Moonstone

  Donna Troy   Moonstone
Origin Donna Troy’s origin has had more rewrites than a Hollywood script. Currently, she is a magic-made clone of Diana who was kidnapped by Dark Angel and put in suspended animation for a number of years. Dark Angel, a sworn enemy of Hippolyta thought she was kidnapping the original Diana. She cursed Donna in that she would live multiple lives defined by suffering. Donna would lose memory of her previous lives until Dark Angel would appear in each lifetime and cause her to remember them. This cycle was ended by Diana, Hippolyta and Wally West. Donna was welcomed back to Themyscira as a second princess. It was revealed later that Dark Angel was actually a version of Donna herself. When the multiverse was destroyed Dark Angel wanted to be the only version of Donna Troy so instead of all the multiverse Donna’s being merged into one being, Dark Angel used her powers to make Donna live out each life so that once they were all killed, she would be the only living version of Donna left. Got that?   Karla Sofen grew up in the mansion of a Hollywood producer as the daughter of the producer’s butler. After her father passed away, her mother had to work three jobs to put Karla through college. Instead of being appreciative, Karla decided to ever end up like her mother and always put her own needs first. After becoming a psychiatrist, Karla entered the criminal world as an aide to Doctor Faustus. Learning of the original Moonstone, Lloyd Bloch, she became his psychologist and manipulated him into rejecting the power, which she then took for herself. Karla murdered her own mother by suffocating her and setting her house on fire. She also liked to convince her depressed patients to kill themselves while she watched…. Psy.Cho.Path.
Edge? Moonstone – Although Donna’s is interesting, it changes so much we’ve gotten whiplash.
Powers/ Abilities Donna has pretty much the same powers as Diana – super strength, speed, stamina and durability. She also has her whip of persuasion (Rawrrrrr!) which allows her to impose her will on those caught up in it.   With the powers of the Moonstone, a Kree gravity stone, Karla can manipulate gravity, fly, fire photon blasts, generate light and has super strength, speed and durability. She is also intangible and can control molecules on a minor level. When she absorbed a second gravity stone for a short while, she was able to manipulate matter, create force fields, generate mini black holes and transport objects through dimensional rifts. If she is separated from her original Moonstone for more than 72 hours, she will die. She also uses her extensive knowledge in psychology to manipulate others around her.
Edge? Donna – If she has Wonder Woman powers, then she’s no one to mess with!
Love Interest Donna had a husband at one point named Terry Long. They had a child named Robert, but both Terry and Robert would be killed in a car accident. During Darkest Night, donna had to face the black lantern versions of her husband and son. She’s also been linked to Kyle Raynor.   Karla only feigns love interest for personal gain. She’s seduced Hawkeye, Graviton, Bullseye and Noh-Varr for personal gain, as well as countless other, less important people.
Edge? Donna – Karla wants to know what this love thing is that you speak of and what’s in it for her.
Costume Donna has worn a more modest version of Wonder Woman’s original costume and a red bodysuit decorated with yellow stars. But it’s her black bodysuit decorated with constellations that she’s sporting now.   As Moonstone, Karla wears a white and yellow body suit with facemask. When she became Ms. Marvel, she donned a red and black suit with a yellow star in the middle and Ms. Marvel’s eye mask.
Edge? Donna – Because R2 is obsessed with the glittering bodysuit and it is a way to stand out in a crowd full of super heroines.
Most Entertaining Personality Donna seems a little bland to be honest. While she’s supposed to be a duplicate of Wonder Woman, she’s just not nearly as awesome.   B*tches be crazy. And we love crazy b*tches. Although Karla occasionally went to the side of good, she’s inherently evil. She only cares about her own agenda and she manipulates her depressed patients into killing them so she can watch! When I’m bored I usually just pop in a comic book video game or watch some 90s X-Men! Come on, Karla!


Edge? Moonstone – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – who doesn’t like a crazy b*tch?
Best story arc During the Final Crisis storyline, Donna has become the new Harbinger and is the guardian of the Universe Orb. The Orb contains the Multiverse Chronicles collected by the original Harbinger. When she discovers that a great danger is approaching, Donna gathers up a group of heroes to help her stop it. Alexander Luthor, Jr. and Superboy Prime have caused a rip in space with the intention of recreating Earth-Two and later, the whole Multiverse. Donna procured a red sun-eater that was used to defeat Superboy Prime. When she returned to New Chronus, she learned from the Universe Orb that she was supposed to die in the conflict instead of her team mate Jade…Oops.   When Moonstone, under her Ms. Marvel guise, finds the baby M.O.D.O.C.’s, she takes them back to her room for safekeeping. The Tower is attacked, and Deadpool steals the babies on behalf of A.I.M. Karla finds Deadpool and defeats him, and then comes across the New Avengers and four mysterious beings, each one a different color in an underground A.I.M. base. Karla is too late in trying to save the babies as she sees Spider-Man hook them up to the machine. With that, the four mysterious beings merge and reform Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel. Unwilling to give up her new title, Karla fights Carol, but Carol never goes down. It is discovered that Danvers has a counterpart, Catherine Donovan, who makes Danvers invulnerable. Osborn kills Donovan and she is revealed to have been a creation of the Storyteller, which then inhabits Karla’s body as she fights Carol. While trapped in her own body, Karla is forced to face her true identity and, as Moonstone once again, expels Donovan’s consciousness, which mergers with Carol, making her whole again. Carol then snatched out Karla’s moonstone and offers her a chance at redemption before the 72 hours runs out and Karla is killed without the moonstone. Carol hides the moonstone at Karla’s mother’s gravesite. Karla finds the moonstone and, with no remorse, smashes the headstone and claims she prefers the way she is.
Edge? Moonstone – That is one cold-hearted b*tch. Oh, and a Deadpool cameo, duh.
Hotness Since Donna is a duplicate of Wonder Woman, she’s a beautiful Amazon with black hair and blue eyes.   As per usual, the bat-sh*t crazy women are super hot. Blonde hair, tight outfit and the ability to make you think she wants you. Game over, you’re screwed! And unfortunately for you, I don’t mean literally.
Edge? Donna – While both are hot, with Karla, you’d have to sleep with one eye open. She has Lorena Bobbit tendencies.
Fiercest foe Dark Angel for sure – She forced Donna to live out the life of all Multiverse Donna Troys in the hopes that once they were all killed, Dark Angel (being a version of Donna Troy herself) would be the only remaining one left. Rude.   Her Moonstone – Although her Moonstone is the source of her powers, it often acts against her. For awhile when she was being pushed to the path of good, but couldn’t understand why, it was revealed that the Moonstone’s previous owner’s good was swaying her. Also, if the Moonstone is removed from Karla she will become comatose and can die if it isn’t returned. In some ways, she has, in her quest for power, become more vulnerable.
Edge? R2 – While it’s hilarious that even the Moonstone gives Karla a side eye now and again, Dark Angel is a cruel bitch for making Donna’s life one tragedy after another.   R1 – While Donna’s foe is pretty hardcore, Karla will die without her moonstone and her foe is more original in a comic world where there’s always someone manipulating your life since birth.
Biggest WTF Moment While Donna is pregnant with her son, a future group of Titans comes back to the past to kill both Donna and her unborn child. The reason being that her son is all powerful and becomes a horrible dictator. To change that future, Donna gives up her powers and her son is born a normal baby. Unfortunately her son and husband are killed in a car accident.  
  1. While in the position of leader of the Thunderbolts under Norman Osborn, Karla opted to finish one of her first missions prematurely so that she could bang one of the government agents. Classy.
  2. Moonstone is caught screwing Bullseye in a Tower meeting room in from of H.A.M.M.E.R. agents as her boss, Osborn, watches on a security camera. Oops.
  3. Later, Moonstone is approached by Venom, who tells her that he’s been waking up ‘sticky’ and asks if she can help him. At first, she’s disgusted, but when Daken walks up to her and calls her ‘sweetheart,’ she decides sticky doesn’t sound so bad, and heads off with Venom.
Edge? Moonstone – Does anyone else feel like taking a bath in rubbing alcohol?
Person who should attempt an on-screen portrayal Since I’m of the idea that there are no current actresses who have what it takes to play a convincing Diana I can’t even imagine who would play her younger sister/clone.   Fan favorites seem to be Ali Larter and Katee Sackhoff. I’ll give this one to Katee because, although I haven’t seen anything she’s in, according to the fans and the fact that she’s a Typhoid Mary fan tells me that she’d pull off a blonde crazy pretty well. Plus I have Larter in mind for someone else we haven’t done yet… MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!
Edge? Moonstone – Lots of crazy blonde actresses out there. I’m sure we can work something out.

Donna Troy: 5

Moonstone:  6

And the winner is…. Moonstone. Yessss, no need to double check our locks tonight!


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