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Comic Movie Review: X2

Swoon. Personally, my favorite Marvel movie is X2. Granted, I’m partial as the X-men are my favorite characters in comics, but even my DC-leaning blog partner R2 loves X2 – how could you not? X2 has one of the best opening scenes I’ve ever witnessed in a movie, let alone a comic movie (I think the only other comic opening scene that compares is the bank robbery in The Dark Knight). Nightcrawler is a welcome addition to the second movie, or should I say “Kurt Vahg-nah (forgive my accent), but in the Munich circus, I was known as the incredible Nightcrawler!” Again, Singer brought a great mix of drama, action, and hilarious one-liners to satisfy even the most cynical of nerds.

And, of course, it’s always a special thing when a sequel out shines its original!

*Spoiler Alerts*

Am I the only one that was just too tickled to see that Magneto was not going there to save Charles and the mutants, but rather to turn him against humans instead. I read that Singer originally intended to have Magneto save Charles, but then changed it to show Magneto’s true ruthlessness. Well done, Singer.

Delightful surprises:

  • Pyro – thank goodness they replaced the pretty boy Pyro they had in #1 with Aaron Stanford. He did a great job with the role. (And shout out to R2 who hearts this character).
  • Cyclops is an *NSYNC fan – is anyone surprised?
  • More mutant extras – Artie is looking quite good considering that in the comics he looks like an alien.
  • At the time, the biggest delightful surprise for me was seeing the Phoenix flying in the water at the end – oh, the excitement for what would’ve come next! … unfortunately, we all know how THAT worked out. Ugh.

Biggest Disappointments:

  • Although this didn’t bother me too much, it’s important to note that in the comic, Stryker kills his wife and son while his son is just a baby. He then becomes a minister and leads a fight against mutant kind. The character they used for Stryker’s son in the movie is actually based off of Jason Wyngarde, or Mastermind, founding member of the first Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and later Hellfire Club member.
  • Although I know that Wolverine can’t remember his past, and Lady Deathstrike is being controlled by Stryker, I wanted to hear a “YURIKO!!!!!!!!!!” from Logan.
  • On a personal note – As Magneto says, “When will these people learn how to fly?” ¬†Couldn’t have said it better myself, Mags – let’s get Rogue under Mystique’s wing to get those Ms. Marvel powers – then Night crawler won’t have to save her ass when she’s pulled out of the Blackbird.

Biggest creep factor: when Nightcrawler looks lovingly smitten with Mystique as she walks away from him in the woods… umm, that’s your MOM, dude.

“Wolverine, whoever goes in there needs to be able to operate the spillway mechanism. What do you intend to do? Scratch it with your claws?” – Magneto

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