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Photo of the Day

Ghost Rider by Gabriele Dell’Otto.


Photo of the Day

Today’s Tron/Marvel Mash up is Ghost Rider by Mark Brooks.


Casting Update: X-Men: First Class

So apparently it’s Bryan Singer himself that wants the Twilight kid to be in X-Men: First Class. But, thankfully, it looks like he won’t be able to do it. WTF, Bryan Singer? After X2, we trusted you… and now this? And on top of this there are rumors that Meagan Good is up for an undisclosed part. I have to assume this is Storm, in which case I ask again, WTF???? First Class is Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman and Angel. If you want to do a movie with Storm and Emma Frost and all of these other mutants DON’T CALL IT FIRST CLASS! In other news, rumors are now that Kevin Bacon will be playing Sebastian Shaw and not Mr. Sinister. Hopefully that’s true and it might give a reason for Emma to be in the movie if she’s with the Hellfire Club.

PS This is unrelated but they’re making a Ghost Rider 2 film and Nicholas Cage will be playing the lead role again. I know this doesn’t go here but I honestly couldn’t care enough to give it it’s own post it’s such a joke. Fail.


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