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Coulda Been So… Weird?

As a follow up to R2’s post Coulda Been So Beautiful that listed the “almost was” actors of the X-Men movies, we’ve decided to post some of our other favorite comic book movie “maybes”. Today, I take “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” under the microscope.

Batman Begins

Batman – Many men were considered for this role before they started handing out offers, including Henry Cavill (hot), Billy Crudup (he fell back on showing his junk in Watchmen, it’s cool), Hugh Dancy (…the f*ck?), Daniel Day Lewis (quit sh*tting me, Nolan!), David Duchovny (don’t close the article, it gets worse later on), Josh Hartnett (vomits), Joshua Jackson (vomits more), and Asthon Kutcher (soils self). David Boreanaz turned down the role of Batman. Let that sink in for a moment. You’re most known for being on Angel and Bones and Christopher Nolan comes up to you offering you the role of the g*ddamned Batman and you turn it down?! Also, John Cusack was OFFERED the role of Batman. I think I may be sick again. *collects self* Oh, and did I mention that the runner up to play Batman if Christian Bale declined was pretty Jakey Gyllenhaal? Moving on…

Alfred – Anthony Hopkins turned down this role because there was no option to eat anybody. Solid reason.

Lucious Fox – Laurence Fishburne was up for this role. *insert white-friendly black actor here*

Ra’s Al Ghul – Viggo Mortenson was offered this role and turned it down. Although I think Liam Neeson did fine, I’m sure Viggo would’ve done well too.

Jim Gordon – Dennis Quaid, Kurt Russel, and Chris Cooper were up for the role that went to the man, Gary Oldman. Good call, casting people.

Scarecrow РChristopher Eccleston (who?), Marilyn Manson (AHH!), and Ewan McGregor (helllooo, Scot)  were considered for the Scarecrow. The role ended up going to the creepy Cillian Murphy. Fun Fact: Murphy tried out for Batman initially and, though turned down, Nolan was so impressed with his audition that he went out of his way to persuade Murphy into accepting the Scarecrow role.

Anyone else wondering why Katie Holmes was the only choice for Rachel? You and me both.

The Dark Knight

The Joker – Paul Bettany, Adrien Brody (rolls eyes), Lachy Hulme (whaaa?), Sam Rockwell (blech), and certain-to-be-disastrous-for-this-role ROBIN WILLIAMS were up for this role. It thankfully went to the late Heath Ledger, who performed the living sh*t out of it.


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