Obscure Comic Book Character of the Week

Today’s freak show is Mandrill from Marvel Comics. This guy gives us Rogues the squicks. Even with R2’s strange attraction to Sabretooth, she wouldn’t touch this one with a 10 ft. pole. Jerome Beechman was born to parents that were exposed to radiation. At age ten, his father drove him out into the desert and abandoned him due to his ghastly appearance. There he finds Nekra and the two take each other in as siblings and begin their life of crime. Mandrill is currently in Hood’s Gang and imprisoned in the Raft. Now for what makes him creepy (other than his face). Mandrill possesses the chemically-based ability to attract and enslave most adult women to his will. Like many animals, Mandrill continually emits pheromones of great potency. Once a woman gets a hit of Mandrill’s pheromone emissions,  her hormonal balance is altered, causing her to feel extreme physical attraction. The Mandrill’s mutant pheromones are released at a rate of 2,000 parts per million, several thousand times that of a normal human. Consequently, any woman within range (about 250 feet downwind, or in the direct path of the emission) is severely affected. Within seconds, most women become submissive and open to manipulation by Mandrill, similar to that of hypnosis. The mutagenically-altered structure of Mandrill’s sex pheromones is practically addictive. Subsequent exposure to Mandrill’s pheromones over a few months is enough to keep most women in his power permanently. However, if the woman is removed from his presence after initial contact, she will go through a mild period of withdrawal and be free after a few months. So ladies (if there are any out there?), just imagine pining over this face and we think you’ll understand why we’re so grossed out.

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