Video Game Update: X-Men Destiny

A new X-Men game is in the works, called “X-Men Destiny.” Xbox magazine has some details:

-The tone of the game is said to be “dark, mature, & intense” striving towards an adult feel, but a Mature rating is said to not be likely.

-San Francisco is divided into human & non-human sectors as Professor X is dead.

-The game starts with a peace rally being staged to pay tribute to Professor X, which is when you are prompted to pick one of three characters in the crowd.

-OXM’s Activision guide chose Adrian Luca as their character.

-The game presents the player with frozen in time “decision moments”, indicating its time for players to make a big choice. The first big choice in the game allows you to pick your power archetype ranging from being able to manipulate matter and your body mass, energy projection, or a third one that was kept a secret.

-The game allows you to decide who is friend or foe in the X-Men universe.

-Cyclops, Quicksilver, Surge, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, & Gambit are confirmed to make an appearance in the title, with plenty more to be announced.

-X-Genes play a rather large role in the game, ranging from boss fights to deciding to give it to an X-Men, or someone else to form another alliance.

-Linking together a good amount of attacks will fill up your “Mutant power” meter, allowing you to pull off even stronger special attacks.

-One of the special attacks described as a part of the “Mutant power” meter was “Force Pillars”. The attack was said to produce crowd clearing beams that rise from the ground.

The way it’s having you be your “own” character rather than an existing one almost sounds DC Universe online-ish to me. We’re overdue for a good X-Men game, but I’m not holding my breath yet. Thoughts?



2 Responses to “Video Game Update: X-Men Destiny”

  1. 1 kingofspadez
    January 3, 2011 at 3:09 am

    Honestly X-Men Origins wasnt bad but I was disapointed, the last X-men gamd i played was on the SEGA it was great! X-Men has a history of crappy games!

    • January 3, 2011 at 8:51 pm

      You’re right – the Wolverine Origins game wasn’t too bad (other than them having Mystique dating John Wraith, wtf?). I actually found it entertaining but I missed my other X-Men.

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