Obscure Comic Book Character of the Week

This week’s Obscure Character is Color Kid by DC Comics. Ulu Vakk, from another planet, Lupra, was assisting a scientist when a beam of multi-colored light from another dimension hit him (cuz that happens all the time, right?). This beam granted him the single super power of being able to change the color of any object. Sigh. He went to the try-outs for the Legion of Super-Heroes and was rejected, the Legion determining that his ability was useless. So, instead he joined the Legion os Substitute Heroes, a small group of rejected Super Heroes. Yes, folks, I believe this is the saddest one yet. Color Kid did do ONE important thing – he changed the color of the kryptonite cloud from green to blue – thus changing it  from being deadly to Supergirl and  Superboy to being deadly to the Bizarro creatures. *Golf Claps*


1 Response to “Obscure Comic Book Character of the Week”

  1. November 1, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    I love that he even LOOKS like he’s about to “golf clap”! Well played Rogues

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