Awesome-ness Extreme!

The Cupcake Rogues wanted to post this awesome-ness for you all to share. It’s Futurama, X-Men style.

5 Characters to note – 1. No Pants Guy as Magneto. 2. Robot Deadpool (top-center) 3. Mother as Emma Frost (left of center) 4. Old hag Dazzler (Bottom left) and lastly, for 5. R1 would like you to check out Geriatric Rogue and Gambit trying to beat up the Blob (center) while R2 would like you to check out Fatty Lilandra (left of center). Enjoy!


5 Responses to “Awesome-ness Extreme!”

  1. September 14, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    You mean:

    Zapp Branigan as Magneto
    Churchbot as Deadpool
    Mom as Emma Frost
    Scruffy the Janitor as Gambit
    …alas.. I don’t know the old lady

    My fave is Angeline as Scarlet Witch and Dr. Wernstrum as the Black King.

    You gals really outdid yourself on this one. Can you say “new desktop”?

    • September 14, 2010 at 8:12 pm

      Hahahah I am impressed by you – how about this…
      Kwanzabot- Famine
      Calculon – Iceman
      Linda – Polaris
      Reverend Lionel Preacherbot – Deadpool
      Mad Hatter Robot – I think he is just a head
      Ethan “Bubblegum” Tate – Shi’ar Gladiator
      Albert – Sunspot
      Sally – Magik
      Nina – Magma
      Bethany? – Wolfsbane
      Malfunctioning Eddie – Warlock
      Guenter – Banshee
      Flexo – Quicksilver
      Lisa – Sunfire
      Sinclair 2K – Warpath
      Tinny Tim – Cable (Though it is the wrong eye)
      Robot Mafia – Helfire Soldiers
      Robot Santa – Sentinel
      Michelle – Madeline Pryor
      Walt, Larry & Igner – Hellions
      Mom – White Queen
      Cubert – Cannonball
      Robot Devil – Mister Sinister
      Dwight Conrad – Sunfire
      Brett Blob – Blob
      Hattie McDoogal – Rogue
      Scruffy – Gambit
      Roberto – Phoenix
      Leela – Jean Gray
      Zapp Brannigan – Magneto
      Angleyne – Scarlet Witch
      Kif Kroker – Toad
      Nibblonians – Multiple Man
      Richard Nixon – Juggernaut
      Ogden Wernstrom – Black King
      Ndnd – Mystique
      Lrrr – Sabertooth
      Seymour – Beast
      Farnsworth’s girlfriend – Lilandra
      Hermes Conrad – Bishop
      Bender – Colossus
      Edna – Lady Deathstrike
      Umbrial – Meggan
      Hyper-Chicken – Archangel
      Labarbara Conrad – Storm
      Countess de la Roca – Shadowcat
      Elzar – Spiral
      Hedonismbot – Mojo
      Petunia – Dazzler
      Sal – Longshot
      Zoidberg – Wolverine
      Amy – Psylocke
      Phillip J. Fry – Cyclops
      Professor Farnsworth – Xavier
      Hypnotoad – Havok
      Lockheed – Nibbler
      Turanga Morris – Nightcrawler
      Turanga Munda – Callisto
      URL – Avalanche
      Morbo – Omega Red
      Grunka-Lunkas – Chamber, Penance, Jubilee, Skin, M, Husk
      Yes, I stole this list lol.

  2. September 15, 2010 at 1:02 am

    What’s funny is that a lot of them make sense.

    I love the Nibblers as Multiple Man. Mom’s sons as Hellions is also pretty funny.

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