Wacky Wade Wednesdays

Some recent Ryan Reynolds quotes on the *hopefully happening* Deadpool movie to go with your wacky Wade today:

“Deadpool is not a superhero movie, its a deconstruction of superhero movies, so to come off Green Lantern and have the opportunity to do a movie like Deadpool is great in every way possible”

After being asked if the movie will break the fourth wall… “The fourth wall is broken many times in the movie and its important that we do so. I can’t emphasise enough how closely the tone of the comic is being followed. But its a nasty piece of work and thats whats important”

After being asked if it’ll be related to that Baraka-thing in Origins… “The two movies have absolutely no connection at all…! The script is going to be a little harder than the comic. If you were going to assign a rating, the comics would be PG13, the script right now is walking a tightrope between that and an R rating”

Deadpool fans, rejoice!


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