Nerd Fight: Battle #20

It’s that time again. To reiterate, every Friday the Cupcake Rogues will randomly pick 2 characters to do battle – whether it be Marvel, DC, female, male, mutant, human, or human that pretends to be a mutant with magic (I’m looking at you, Juggernaut), they are all possible. Once we’ve randomly selected our two, they will go head to head in several categories with one being deemed winner. The winner will live on to fight another day, but a warning – with 200 possible characters, it may be awhile before round 2 🙂

Twentieth week in the random selection:

Banshee vs. Starfire

Banshee Starfire (Koriand’r Version)
Origin Sean Cassidy was a wealthy young man who inherited his family’s castle, Cassidy Keep, when his parents died. He lived there with his cousin Black Tom Cassidy, who was also a mutant. When Maeve Rourke entered their lives, both men were smitten, but it was Sean who won her heart. While Sean was on a mission, Maeve would discover she was pregnant and gave birth to their daughter Theresa. Unfortunately Maeve would be killed by a bomb, leaving Theresa in the care of her uncle. Blaming Tom for Maeve’s death, Sean attacked him and in revenge, Tom decided to never tell Sean about his daughter. Koriand’r is a princess of the planet Tamaran and was in line to rule the planet as Queen. Her older sister, Komand’r, alias Blackfire, became bitter towards her after suffering a disease in infancy that made her lose her ability to harness solar energy to allow her to fly, thus forfeiting her throne. The rivalry only intensified as the siblings grew up and began training, and ended when Komand’r tried to kill Koriand’r. She failed and was expelled, but swore vengeance (with fist shaking to the heavens, I’m sure).
Edge? R2 – DRAW – Both origins involve a fight with the black sheep of their family that causes problems for the hero for years to come. R1 – Starfire – So some drunken Irish guys got into a scuffle – must be a day that ends in y. At least Black Tom didn’t try to kill Banshee’s ass!
Powers/ Abilities Banshee has a sonic scream, meaning he can generate huge amounts of sonic energy with his voice. He uses it to fly, create concussive blasts, force fields, disorientation in enemies and the ability to shatter objects. Superhuman strength, stamina, and durability, flight, energy projection, and linguistic assimilation.
Edge? Starfire – Anything Banshee can do, Starfire can do better. Banshee disorients foes with his voice, Starfire does it with her attire.
Love Interest Maeve Rourke was his first love and the mother of his daughter Theresa. After Banshee joined the X-Men he met Moira McTaggert and would eventually move in with her on Muir Island . They would go on to have an on and off relationship. When Moira was killed by Mystique, Banshee did what every Irishman does when they’re depressed. Drowned his sorrows with Whiskey! Koriand’r has been married twice to Tamaranean men – once to seal a peace treaty and once out of duty. Both died. In between the two, she almost married Dick Grayson, but their wedding was interrupted by Raven killing their priest before he could announce the marriage. In the Titans of Tomorrow storyline, Batman says that Starfire and Nightwing will have a wonderful future together and have a child, Mar’I Grayson.
Edge? Starfire – We love a happy ending, especially a happy ending that involves “Robin” marrying a chick.
Costume The most recognizable is the green bodysuit with the yellow and black striped cape. Scantily clad, super-low cut purple one-piece. With matching boots!
Edge? DRAW- They’re both just so, so awful.
Least Off-Putting Personality Sean seems like your average Joe…Or maybe your average Seamus. When the going gets tough, the tough get drunk. He gets points for overcoming the alcoholism though. Kory tends to do anything for her duty – while sweet and open, she becomes serious about battle. She can be a little naïve when it comes to Earthly ways, but that’s because she’s an alien! She’s outgoing and prefers to be as naked as possible because she absorbs energy through her skin and is flirtatious.
Edge? Starfire – It’s just got to be fun to pull pranks on this girl. “Hey Starfire, it’s an earth custom to flash new aquaintences.” You know she’d fall for it. Plus, who wants to hang with a sober Irishman?
Best story arch When Black Tom kidnapped the Gen X kids as revenge for Sean “stealing” Theresa, he did so with the promise that the kids would be returned if Banshee would kill Emma. At Emma’s insistence, Banshee did but Black Tom refused to release the children as he no longer had them. Banshee and Emma were contacted by Emplate, who promised info on the children’s whereabouts if they would surrender Penance to him. When Emma pretended to agree with Emplate’s demands Banshee kicked her out of the school. When the Gen X kids were returned, Emma rewarded Banshee’s lack of trust with a hearty smack. In “Countdown to Adventure,” Starfire wakes up and finds that she’s lost her powers. She tries to live a normal life being Animal Man’s son’s afternoon nanny. His son attacks her under the effect of Lady Styx’s virus. Animal and Kory end up fighting off crowds of people infected by the virus. Later, they are trapped in San Diego with the infectees and the Teen Titans, who are trying to break through a force field to get to the Healers ship. Afterwards, they used the Zeta Beam to teleport to Rann to restore Starfire’s powers.
Edge? Banshee – we co-sign any story that involves Emma smacking a b*tch!
Hotness Banshee is your typical Irishman, hazel eyes and strawberry blonde hair (complete with mutton chops). He also speaks with a delightful accent. Minus the orange skin (somebody’s been watching too much Jersey Shore *tsk tsk*), Koriand’r isn’t bad on the eyes. I’d guess you’d call her an “exotic” beauty. Very, very exotic.
Edge? Banshee – Irish accent FTW!
Fiercest foe Black Tom Cassidy – They fought over Maeve Rourke, they fought over Theresa, they fought over everything! These two really just need to patch things up over a pint and a good fist fight. Komand’r  – You gotta hate when your own sister tries to get you raped and beaten and then kicks your ass when you save her life.
Edge? Starfire – While both have family issues, Komand’r is seriously sadistic. A pint and a fist fight are NOT going to help here.
Biggest WTF Moment Leprechauns live at Cassidy Keep and the Cassidy family has been protecting them for generations. Are you named after a spice, Koriand’r? But really, after Komand’r captured Koriand’r and subjected her to abuse and rape, she still saved her older sister when they were both captured by enemy aliens. Saved the woman who had her beat and raped. And how did Komand’r thank her for saving her life? She struck Koriand’r down and had her restrained for a later execution. Some bitches don’t learn.
Edge? Banshee – Just because Sean is Irish there has to be a Leprechaun reference? We wouldn’t be surprised if it was revealed that the entire Cassidy fortune is nothing but a great big bowl of Lucky Charms.
Person who should attempt an on-screen portrayal Caleb Landry Jones has been cast to play Sean Cassidy in the sure to be debacle, X-Men: First Class. With orange skin and green glowing eyes, just about anyone could play Starfire as long as they were curvaceous and willing to be semi-nude. A lot of people on forums are calling for Ashley Greene to play her, so sure, why not?
Edge? Banshee – Though we have yet to see Mr. Jones’ portrayal of Sean, we’ll be seeing him on the Big Screen before we see Starfire.

Banshee: 6

Starfire:  7

And the winner is…. Starfire! With the Cupcake Rogues, skimpy outfits always help you get closer to a victory!


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