OK, Ryan Reynolds, I give up, you’re awesome.

As you all know I’m a huge advocate of Ryan Reynolds… as Deadpool, that is. I don’t like that he’s always playing Green Lantern, because I think using the same actor for different roles kills the fantasy. Well, after I came across these quotes from the actor I’ve decided that he’s such an uber nerd that I’ll let it slide. I still don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong. But, after all this X-Men: First Class nonsense, it’s just so nice to see a character playing a hero that actually KNOWS about comic books. Quotes are below:

About the Green Lantern Oath:

“It was nerve wracking [the first time]. I remember when I read..and there’s been rewrites and redrafts and sometimes different dialogue is transcribed by people..and somebody wrote it down wrong. Nobody caught it and at the last minute I did.”

“I [told them] ‘You CAN NOT get the Oath wrong! We had a meeting about this..this is where [the fans] will murder you.’ But it was amazing finally saying it for the first time.”

About the film:

“The film is very close to Secret Origins, that Geoff Johns worked on as well..The die hard fans, the purists, are going to be very happy. We’ve departed in very few ways from the source material.”

So, Ryan, I’m OK for now… but you’d better NOT cancel this Deadpool movie or I may have to come after you with inexplicably long Baraka swords hanging out of my wrists!

Yours temporarily,



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