Wacky Wade Wednesdays

I’d like to accompany this wacky Wade post with a quote from Ryan Reynolds at Comic-Con when a reporter called him selfish for playing 2 superheroes “First off, Deadpool is not a superhero and he would stab you in the thorax if he heard you say that. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything geekier than that in my entire life.” It’s “nerd” not “geek” Mr. Reynolds, but I’ll let that slide because you are correct. However, the reporter is also correct that you should be playing 2 characters when you’re so clearly Wade Wilson come to life… but, prettier.

1 Response to “Wacky Wade Wednesdays”

  1. 1 TheCretanHound
    December 20, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    ha! I love it!

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