Top Quotes: Storm

We’re back with everyone’s favorite weather witch, STORM! So expect a lot of grand, over-the-top speeches.

#10 Storm: I summon the full power of the storm!

#9 Storm: Nature I command you, bring forth thunder and lightening!

#8 Storm: I command the Sahara winds! Transform this ice to steam!

#7 Storm: Ice! Snow! Vent your fury!

#6 Storm (after Gambit knicks the pool table): Gambit, the term rec room does not mean you must wreck it.

#5 Storm: Controlling the dirt is nothing to one that commands wind and rain! (boom, roasted!)

#4 Pierce (after Wolverine slices his arm): My arm! Blast you! Storm (as she hits him with lightening): I believe that pleasure is mine!

#3 Storm: Nature! Respond to my command! A wall of rain to quench the flames!

#2 Storm: He has not yet felt the force of the elements! Hail, fill the skies with rocks of ice! From the ends of the Earth, send limitless cold upon him!

#1 Storm: Storm, Mistress of the Elements, commands you to release that child!


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