Top Quotes: Gambit

For my own personal enjoyment, I’ve decided to do a “Top Ten Quotes” for the X-Men animated series (1992) for each character. If you grew up on this show like I did, you’ll know that the one liners are non-stop entertainment. We’ll start with everyone’s favorite mon ami, Remy LeBeau aka Gambit.

#10 Rogue: Don’t you ever get tired of listening to yourself? Gambit: Not when I’m talkin’ bout you, chère.

#9 Gambit: You can drain my energy any time, chère. Gambit has plenty.

#8 Gambit: Here’s mud in your eyes mein subterranean freir!

#7 Gambit: I like solitaire OK, unless I got someone to play with.

#6 Gambit: Storm makes jokes now! What’s next?

#5 Gambit: Everyone can relax. Gambit has returned.

#4 Gambit: The name is Gambit. Remember it.

#3 Gambit (while falling): OK, so we don’t ski much on the Bayou! Rogue: Are you sure you don’t want help? Gambit: Course not! Gambit’s a natural athlete!

#2 Gambit (to Rogue): Gambit don’ say this to anyone before, but Gambit loves you.

#1 – Gambit: Gambit has spent days on this meal! My oyster loafs… my dough glacè. Jean: We could warm it up tomorrow? Gambit: Warm it up? You do NOT warm up such a meal! Gambit does not make TV dinners!


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