Top Quotes: Rogue

X-Men’s resident southern belle (and my personal fave) is up next, Sugah!

#10 – Rogue (hitting on a prison guard): Ooh, it’s a tad chilly in here, don’t you think? Guard (totally buying it): You know what they say… cold hands? (Guard grabs her hands and passes out). Rogue: Out cold.

#9 – Rogue (flying over Bishop): I could spit on him, if I wasn’t a lady.

#8 – Wolverine: I always thought you had a soft spot for that Cajun. Rogue: Bout as soft as you, fat-head! You gonna shut up or am I gonna have to help you?

#7 – Rogue (about Blob, Pyro, and Avalanche): A fat boy and a pair of juvenile delinquents.

#6 – Rogue (as she rips off Pierce’s arm): Thanks for the hand, Sugah. I bet these cybernetic things cost an arm and a leg.

#5 – Rogue: My daddy always said two’s company and three’s an eavesdropper.

#4 – Gambit (at Jean and Cyclops’ wedding): Where I come from we always kiss the bride. (Moves to Rogue) We also kiss the bridesmaids. Rogue: This ain’t Cajun country, hun. Zip those lips!

#3 – Storm: Storm, mistress of the elements commands you to release that child! Rogue: Lighten up on the speeches, sugah! (Amen, Rogue)

#2 – Rogue: Lilandra’s out colder than leftover hush puppies!

#1 – Rogue: You look about as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs.


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