X-Men: First Class – Nail in the Coffin

Care of Jennifer Lawrence, who will be playing Mystique in the upcoming movie. The Orlando Sentinel (hahah, Sentinel… X-men… I get it) says:

“I had nooo idea. I have been just ignorant of the whole fan base behind these films. I felt like an idiot. I had to call my mom and go, ‘Mom, I don’t KNOW about all this. This is before we’ve even started shooting, and it’s just CRAZY.’

“When I got the part I dedicated a whole day to watching all three movies, and I really liked them. I was still a little worried, because I didn’t really understand the whole mutant thing. But the script cleared some of my questions up, and knowing that James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were already on board gave me confidence.”

She had meetings with Vaughn and Co. in London this week. Today, it”s “I have to do 12 hours of prosthetics. Oh man. “I have to take Mystique back to the beginning, before she became who we saw later. I don’t know exactly what I can talk about, but this is going to be fun.”

She says the prep work is physical, which knowing Mystique’s image, we can believe. Gym time. How does she look in blue? “NOBODY looks good blue. Well, maybe Zoe Saldana. I am very curious to see how I’m going to come off in that”.

Awesome. Thanks, Fox. Another person that knows NOTHING about the comics playing a character. And “take Mystique back to the beginning”?????  Mystique is like 90 years old in the X-Men movies, I don’t think she’d look much different 15 years earlier! Sigh. I’ve given up all hope on this movie.



2 Responses to “X-Men: First Class – Nail in the Coffin”

  1. July 22, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    These First Class postings fill me with the rage of a thousand suns! For once in my life, I may actually follow through with my threat of “I’m not seeing that crappy movie in theaters”. (No I won’t)


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