Casting Update: X-Men: First Class

Latest reports are saying that Fox has fired Benjamin Walker, who was set to play Beast, because he’s “too old” being that their Xavier and Magneto are only 31 and 33. No sh*t, Fox. That’s why your young Xavier and Magneto should’ve been more like 40, you morons. If you want to guess that Xavier and Magneto are around 55 in the comics while the X-Men seem to be around 30 (this is a loose guess, but you know, give or take), then if you rewind 15 years your Xavier and Magneto will still be a good 20-25 years older than these teenagers. Sigh. And if you’re going with the movie consistency then Charles and Eric are 70 while the X-men are around 35! An even bigger gap – Would it kill these people to pick up a comic book? Or even re-watch their own movies? (1 and 2 of course, not that Last Stand crap). I digress, rumors are also stating that the rest of the people they’ve screen tested are not living up to Benjamin’s potential, so who knows if they’ll just end up re-hiring him. More to come.



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