Comic Movie Review: Iron Man

Swoon. Some would argue the best Marvel movie to date, Iron Man fully delivers. The beginning origin portion manages to stay relatively true to the comic, aside from small details, while also bringing the story line into our time. While the main story of Iron Man and Obadiah Stane (aka Iron Monger) has been changed, the main principles that we love are all there. Iron Man did what so many of these movies fail to do, which is adapt to a movie without losing its story’s integrity. Tony Stark stays true to the alcoholic playboy we all know and love and Iron Man stays true to the action, comedy, and drama we expect.

On to casting – Robert Downey Jr. What can I even say? Perfection. Genius. Hot… oh sorry… I’ve said too much? Jeff Bridges plays an excellent traitor. Terrance Howard played an adequate Rhodes, but I could take or leave him. I’m interested to see what Don Cheadle does with the part. Now for the only disappointment I had with this movie – Gwenyth Paltrow. OK, so it wasn’t necessarily a disappointment – I think she did a fine job – but I heard that Rachel McAdams was offered the part first and that she turned it down. I think she would’ve made a far superior Pepper Potts. Much more likeable.

I digress, Iron Man is a fantastic movie and you’d do well to rent it immediately and get your ass to the theater on Friday for Iron Man 2!

RDJ obsessed,

Rogue 1


1 Response to “Comic Movie Review: Iron Man”

  1. 1 KingofSpadez
    December 15, 2010 at 11:45 am

    I love Don he is a damn great acter but I think Micheal Jai White (SPAWN) is the Living Breathing War-Machine, I want to see Don as Black Panther because he is always dead on on parts like African, Arab, double agent type roles. In my Opinion he’s the black Johnny Depp as far as doing different roles and being believable i.e. The Traitor, Rowanda, Crash

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