Comic Movie Review: X-men

X-men. Second best movie in the series (second only to X2, of course, which in my humble opinion is the best Marvel movie to date – granted, I’m biased). First up, let’s talk casting. Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan? Ummm, sold. I dare you to think of anyone who would’ve done Professor X and Magneto better. Granted, Sir Ian is a bit frailer than one would expect of Magneto, but he totally sold me on it. Hugh Jackman for Wolverine? Sure, he’s about a foot too tall, but he was a fantastic choice. In fact, the only real problem I had as far as casting in this movie was Rogue and Storm. I think both Anna Paquin and Halle Berry are good actresses, they were just misplaced here. I will be the first to admit I probably wouldn’t think most actresses are good enough to play Rogue – as she’s my favorite of all time, but Anna seemed to play her too soft. Granted, Rogue doesn’t become the sassy bitch we all know and love until she absorbs Ms. Marvel’s powers for good, but even before she wasn’t so fragile and whiney. Rogue walks around with her guard up and her sass on until every once and awhile when she accidently steals somebody’s memory, has a freak out, and storms off. That’s just how she rolls. As far as Halle for Storm, well, I just don’t know what was happening with this accent in the first one (thank goodness they got rid of it for the rest).

The story line of X-men is good. You don’t really get enough background on each person if you were coming in as a non-nerd, not knowing the back stories, but frankly, there is enough X-men material to give each character 10 movies, so you can’t blame Bryan Singer for not delving in too far. Singer provides a good balance of humor, action, drama, and a little bit of corniness – which as comic book readers, is what we’ve come to expect. All in all, a good start to a roller coaster movie series…

Delightful surprises:

  • As with all of the X-men movies, the fantastic placement of mutant “extras” that we all know and love – Jubilee, Kitty Pryde (who I personally find a little annoying, but whatev), Pyro (before he became a main character).
  • Wolverine VS. Sabretooth fights are always delightful, even if they last about 5 seconds.

Biggest disappointments:

  • No Gambit. I realize this is before Gambit would’ve shown up, but still a disappointment for us fangirls.
  • Sabretooth as the mindless minion to Magneto was not realistic – not to mention him and Mystique working right next to each other and acting like they didn’t do the nasty and create our favorite Friend of Humanity, Graydon Creed? Come on! đŸ˜‰
  • And, lastly, Storm’s dialogue. I realize that crazy accent is a hard one to replicate, but would it have killed them to throw in an over-dramatic “MISTRESS OF THE ELEMENTS COMMANDS YOU TO RELEASE THAT GIRL!” while she was saving Rogue and Wolverine from Sabretooth?

“Sabretooth? … Storm? What do they call you, wheels?”


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