How I’ll Spend My Summer Vacation…

A little birdy on my shoulder (ok, it was Rogue 1) gleefully told me that Hugh Jackman would be in our neck of the woods this summer to film his next monster hit (giggles) Real Steel. After we dismissed the totally unrealistic idea of kidnapping him for our amusement, we decided we’d simply walk up to him mid-scene and deliver this list of demands we have for Wolverine Origins 2…Totally doable right? Behold!

1. Don’t add a beloved character just for the sake of adding them. Yes, I’m giving a red and black side eye to you Gambit! As a hardcore Gambit fan, I want more than just a token visit. I wasn’t expecting to really delve into character development here, but would it have killed you to give us a mon ami? A dash of third person? We didn’t even get the correct eye color for goodness sake!

2. Making everyone related is unnecessary. Need I remind you of the travesty that was Emma Frost, the “sister” of Silverfox? I get the reasoning for making Logan and Victor brothers, but come on, the New England Snot is sister to Native American Silverfox? This was just a mind boggling dumb decision.

3. Please continue to add genuine characters to the background. For example, Quicksilver, Toad and Banshee were fun additions to Strykers’ Mutant Menagerie.

4. Please find a way to add the traditional Butt-Kicking-Of-Logan-On-His-Birthday by Victor. Liev Schrieber needs to be involved in this flick somehow.

5. Under no circumstances are you to digitally alter Patrick Stewart’s face again. This is important! People should NOT be asking if Professor X’s mutant ability is to turn himself into a Madame Tussauds wax figure.

All we’re really asking for is that you have a little sensitivity to the source material and your audience. Is that asking too much? Deadpool doesn’t think so…

Yours Always, (or until something better comes along)

Rogue 2


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