Comic Movie Review: X-men Origins: Wolverine

Through the next few weeks, I’ll review past Comic Book Movies. I hope to be caught up in time for Iron Man 2, and then we can just review new movies.

X-men Origins: Wolverine did what all too many comic book movies do – sell out the true fans to create a movie that appeals to “everyone else.” I get they need to make money, but comics have been around for a long time and are a mega-million dollar market. There about a billion storylines ripe there for the picking, but for some reason, these movie makers insist on coming up with their own that don’t gel with the facts. Not only did Wolverine do this, but it almost mocked us true fans by stuffing as many lovable characters as possible in a 2 hour span: Deadpool, Gambit, the Blob, Agent Zero, Johnny Wraith, Silverfox, Emma Frost, Professor X, Cyclops… stop me when you’ve had enough. Each of these characters have enough back story for their own movie or 5, but instead they just stuffed them all into one so that nerds like me would hear “Gambit,” grab my trench coat and run to the theater.

Now I don’t think X-men Origins was all bad. As always, Hugh Jackman delivered a convincing, albeit too tall, Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in the first half of the movie was perfection. And I’m sure all of us nerds had a snicker and Cyclops and Emma Frost on screen together (as I sang in my head “You’re gonna have a mind affaaaaair.”) But, all in all, the facts fall flat. If you’re not a comic fan, you’ll like this movie. It has action and a pretty good storyline. If you are a comic fan, you’ll enjoy it, but some mistakes will haunt you afterwards.

*Spoiler alerts below*

Delightful surprises: As with all of the X-men movies, the random mutants that show up are always fun. It was nice to see “wheels” without his wheels, even though they made him look like he was wearing more make up than a sophomore that got asked to senior prom. And, my personal favorite mutant sighting was a child Quiksilver, all tied up in a cell.

Biggest disappointments: Emma Frost and Silverfox are sisters…. I don’t think I need to say more than that. As far as the most disappointing character I don’t know whether to say Deadpool or Gambit. While I think both actors chosen were good choices, the script didn’t give them much to work with. Wade in the first half of the movie was great, but as you know, the “Deadpool” was a disaster (I’m sorry, are those Barraca swords coming out of your wrists?) However, as a die hard Rogue and Gambit fan, I’d have to say I was most disappointed by Gambit. I mean, not one chere? Mon ami? Not one talking about himself in third person?!?!?! Gambit don’ like dis depiction of his character, chere.

I am so with you, Gambit.


Rogue 1


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